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How My Wife Introduced her Ex to me as a Cousin and he has slept over in our House Severally – Angry Man shares



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Such an annoying incidence in the house of this Nigerian man.

See his story:

It seems as if I am dreaming. After marrying for 4 years with our little daughter, I just discovered that the guy my wife introduced to me as her cousin and has been coming once a while for weekends is my wife Ex boyfriend. My wife is quite younger though, I senior her with up to 18 years.

The day I first saw him in the sitting room that was 6 months after we married, he was very humble and quite younger than I so when my wife introduced him as her cousin I believed na. Cousins don’t use to resemble.


Since then till 4 years now, he comes once a while. Infact if I am travelling I will call him to come keep my wife company. Chai see my life.

Just last week, he was in our house in the visitor’s room. He probably didn’t know when I walked into the house from work, I was walking pass his room when I heard him talking gently to someone over the phone, telling the person that some people can be foolish o, see how he started coming to his Ex house as a cousin and the husband no even code. Infact that day I stood there and froze, blood did not flow in my body for some seconds.

I went into the room and waited for my wife to return. Then I grabbed her neck and asked her who he is to her, she kept insisting my cousin na and was even crying. Then I dragged the guy into my room and held a knife to his throat. The guy was the first to open up to me. Actually I was almost committing murder at the spot but for the thought of going back to prison after 5 years in prison due to set-up, I had to restrain my self.

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I wept like a baby for hours in the room. The guy ran out and my wife had been on her knees still telling me that he needed help with accommodation that’s why that she can swear that nothing happened while he was there. How would she expect me to believe that for goodness sake.


I have reported it to her family and the whole family just left my house now, kneeling and begging me to forgive her. How could she make me see her ex as her cousin for about 4 years and he kept coming severally to sleep under my roof, atimes I even go out with him, buy him stuffs etc.

Women are wicked. Am thinking of sending her out or maybe I will just move out for her. I can’t live with her again, she is evil.

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