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How My Parents Narrowly Escaped Being Killed By 10yrs Old Girl They Adopted- Lady Narratives

A Nigerian Twitter user has taken to the platform to narrate how her parents narrowly escaped being killed by a 10-year-old girl they adopted.

According to the Twitter user identified as @_marvie_ , the young girl added a chemical into her parents beverage. Fortunately, her dad perceived the strong smell after taking two spoons.

Marvie added that when the girl was questioned, she admitted that she laced the drink with poison to kill the couple.

Narrating the incident , the Twitter user wrote,

“I just want to thank God that the child my parents adopted didn’t turn me and my siblings to orphans. She poured one of those sniper like chemicals into their beverages because they said she should be apologising when she’s wrong.

After my dad took like 2 spoons he noticed it had a smell, with intuition he suspected what had happened. He asked her the next day and she admitted it. She was home alone all day. This is a child that myself and my sister will take it upon ourselves to fight for her when we think our parents are being too hard on her.
So many times my mother especially will fight me because I’m interfering.

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