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How Lady Used Hot Iron To Remove Her Tattoo After she found Jesus Christ and became born again



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After she found Jesus Christ and became born again, Lady uses hot Iron to remove her tattoo

A Lady with the Facebook Name, Vivian Emeka has shared a picture of the scar she’s received after she used a hot iron to remove her tattoo.

Her reason for removing her tats is because she’s found Jesus, and she’s now a Born Again, she needs to get ride of those things that’d remind her about her past.

Sharing the picture on her Facebook wall, she wrote; “I used Eletric iron on my hands to remove my tattoo,, it was urgent so I had to do it….. #For the love of Jesus Christ. #Forjesuschrist”

She continued: “Scars to remember, scars for stories. Love of Christ… to show him how much I love him”.

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