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How Daredevil 12-year-old Boy Fired a Fun while Robbing a Gas Station in Michigan



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Authorities arrested a 12-year-old boy who fired a gun while robbing a gas station in Michigan.

The Kalamazoo Gazette reports the boy entered the station on Wednesday afternoon and demanded money from the woman behind the counter.

The newspaper obtained surveillance video from the gas station showing the kid pull a gun from a black backpack and instructing the clerk to “put the money in the bag.”

The boy was caught nearby and a gun and the stolen money were recovered.


Police say the boy took the gun from the gun safe of the boy’s grandfather and legal guardian.

News Channel 3 reports the man posted a note on his door.

“No coment (sic) at this time no pics. I have to live in this town and I need some sleep,” the note read, stating it was on “advice from councel (sic).”

The station spoke with the clerk, who thought it was a joke.


“I thought he was a kid, not even 10 years old,” the woman, only identified as Jessica, told the station.

“He sounded way too calm,” she explained. “I seriously thought it was a prank until I heard the gun go off.”

A woman named Lisa Riley told the station she lives in the same neighborhood as the boy. She said that he shot at her with a BB gun while she was mowing her lawn two years ago.

“He had no emotion. I just don’t think he knows how to show emotion,” Riley said.

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