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He Knows That I Have Slept With Alot Of Men, Yet He Want To Date Me- Lady Cry Out



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Juliet is afraid to start a serious relationship with her best male-friend who knows her ugly secrets. Even though she feels a thing for him she can’t imagine dating a guy that knows so much about her dirty lifestyles in school. They attended the same university and were best friends.

She was free to disclose some of her secretive shady relationships she had with guys in school. And he even encouraged her to sleep with some guys for money. Now that they are done with school he now wanted something serious with her. But she preferred they remained best friends in order to maintain the sweet bond they have built over time. But her bestie wants to be more than just a friend; he wants to hold her in his arms and make her long for him not just as best friends but also as lovers.

“I have a bestie. We became friends since our first year in school. We met at the canteen and we got talking. He was friendly and expressive. He sounded like those bookworms. I like intelligent guys because I was not too sound academically. I usually liked to mingle with intelligent people. I was glad I met him. Coincidentally, we were in the same department, but he later changed his course of study in his second year.

By then we were already close to each other. I just loved him as a friend, nothing more. I had other guys I was going out with in school and he knew about them all. I even discussed my sex life with him. Sometimes I sought his opinions on whether to date a certain guy or not. I enjoyed telling him about my relationships with other guys. There was even one I didn’t like but was rich. I was just after the money he lavished on me.

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I told him about it; he encouraged me to date him. We could talk about almost everything. But I found out he had no girlfriend in school; people thought we were dating, but we were just friends.

“Although he wanted us to date, I didn’t want anything serious. Sometimes – while we were alone – we smooshed, kissed, and get ourselves turned on but I would always stop him. I could see in his eyes that he wanted us to be more than just friends. He wanted us to be intimate.

Now we are done with school, waiting for our NYSC posting, he is still talking about us being together in future. I can see that he really loves me, but I am afraid he knows too much about me. He knows many guys I have slept with in school, all my school paroles and some of the dirty things I am not proud to say here.

“As my friend, I told him everything. In fact, he was my gist partner and my big time comforter when I got my fingers burnt in the game, especially when a guy broke my heart, which happened often. He was my only friend on campus. When I told him I didn’t want to date him because of that, he told me he loved me just the way I was, but that bothered me a lot – he might use those privileged information he knew about me against me in future. He knew too much about me. Should I date him?”


Dear Juliet, I know you don’t want to be ridiculed or reminded of your past over a slight mistake if you accept to date him. But then, it all depends on the guy – if he is mature enough to handle those unpleasant secrets you shared with him in the past. But as a human, he may become judgmental at some point and will not trust you completely.

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For instance, if you go out, he may think that you have gone to see another guy. You have to be careful, maybe he doesn’t really love you, he may just be lusting after you or want to have his own share of the cake. Nevertheless, it could be that he loves you truly because when a man loves you he doesn’t see your faults; he only sees you as a goldmine he can’t afford to lose. Just follow your instinct; it never lies.

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