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God Does Not Exists, I Will Rather Go to Hell than Heaven — Singer Temmie



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Singer Temmie Ovwasa has reveals to the public that she would rather go to hell than to go to hell because she does not believe the existence of God introduced to Africa by White people who brainwashed Africans.

According to her;

Your God can sok my d!ck , I’m just stating exactly what I believe, I believe in respecting the LIVING, BREATHING beings in front of me, I value human life more than I value blind reverence to a God that keeps watching you people doing evil in his name, A nonexistent God.

If your God is angry, let him come and ht for himself, where was he during s very? Christianity is inherently anti-bk, I do not believe in anything fed to me by a white man, forcefully given to my ancestors who were f king treized by these people. Your talking snakes and pregnant virgins are nothing but mythology here, You can block and unfollow me if this bothers you, I’ve made it very clear that I didn’t come to this world to follow stid rules without questioning. rd stay out of your business if you weren’t committing these atrities in the name of God. unfortunate, Disgusting

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