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Check Out What Sokoto Christian Lady Said That Made Her To Be Burned To Death By Angry Muslim Youth (Audio)



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It is no longer a hidden information that a Nigerian Christian Lady schooling in sokoto got burned to death by Muslim extremist who accused her of blasphemy against prophet Muhammad.

However, a Twitter user named young doctor reveals the exactly statements made by the Lady led to her death.

According to the report;

Deborah was stoned and burnt to death today @ sokoto state college of education for blasphemy.


In a voice note, she reacted against posting of religious contents in their class group chat on WhatsApp. Rest In Peace Deborah.

Here is the audio of the girl that was killed in sokoto she said “Holy Ghost fire nothing will happen to us,this group is not created for sending this rubbish it was meant for sending assignment,test and past Q,who the hell is the prophet ?” And she insulted him at last….Tap Here to Listen

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