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Camera Recorded What This Woman was Doing With The Dog When Her Husband Was Not At Home



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“The camera recorded what this woman was doing with the dog when her husband was not at home. It’s no secret that dogs make us happy.

Ask anyone who spends time with a pup on a regular basis, and they’ll let you know just how much joy their tail-wagging companion delivers. And that was just the case in today’s video. His girlfriend was completely unaware that she was being monitored by her lover through a security camera installed in their home.


If you have a dog, you have no way of knowing what they’ll get up to while you’re away. Some of them may dig through the trash and sniff it out, while others may rip up a pillow or two or simply take a nap on the couch.

However, with remote security monitoring, it’s now feasible to keep an eye on our pets. That’s exactly what happened to Jose Perez, who had to leave town for a few days on business and couldn’t come back. His fianc√© and Nina, his dog, were the only ones who..CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE..>>>>


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