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Billionaire Hired an Orphan Woman to Be a Home Health Nurse for His Mother. In the morning He Went into Their Room And Sobbed Like a Child



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Nancy had never felt as uncomfortable as she did during the job interview. It was mainly because she didn’t have the required experience, but she was still young, so she simply didn’t have a chance to get it yet. “Have you worked as a home health nurse before? I hope you know how everything works and have the necessary skills,” the man asked menacingly. He behaved as if he was 20 years older than Nancy, which wasn’t true.

“Yeah, I had to take care of an elderly woman once, although I didn’t work for an agency back then, but as a private nurse,” the woman said quietly. “So you have some experience. I hope you understand that my mother needs a real specialist and not a self-taught fraud,” the businessman said immediately. The nurse nodded sincerely, hoping that the interview would end there. The tone of the man sitting in front of her made Nancy very nervous and uncomfortable. Frankly speaking, she was very out of place around this strict millionaire who asked one strict question after another.

The businessman was Jacob Summers, and his name carried a lot of weight in the business circles of the city. Of course, Nancy didn’t know any of this, but even by the way her future employer talked, she understood that he was an important person who didn’t like joking around. “Well, you seem good on paper, but time will show whether that’s true in reality. Keep in mind that my mother has high standards and is very demanding, and some people have found it very hard to deal with her temper. That’s why I’m offering a much higher pay than is customary for this kind of work,” Jacob added, no doubt there.


“I bet you inherited your mother’s temper,” Nancy thought but didn’t say. Of course, Jacob asked a few more questions, each of which was aimed at determining the stress tolerance threshold of the young nurse. “Dear Lord, what kind of woman is she? Why do they care how many languages I know or what literature I like? Should I maybe write an essay on working with the elderly in the face of the global paranoia?” Nancy thought, having a hard time keeping her emotions in check.

Finally, the interview was over, and Jacob Summers approved Nancy for the position of his mother’s home health nurse. “I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow at this address. Don’t be late, but don’t come an hour early either,” Jacob added, already standing at the door of the recruitment agency. “Yes, sir, I got it. I’ll be right on time,” Nancy answered immediately. Only when the door closed behind her employer did the young woman breathe a sigh of relief. This conversation was more tiring than any job she ever had. She recently started working for the agency, and before that, she used to be a waitress in a roadside cafe, which was mostly frequented by bikers and truckers.


Nancy grew up in an orphanage and, therefore, was deprived of parental care and affection from an early age. That was why, having reached the age of majority, she rushed to find a job as soon as possible. “It’s hard to say why Nancy decided to become a home health nurse. Her decision was most likely influenced by her kindness and sympathetic nature, qualities that always made people stand out from the rest,” Nancy thought.

All Nancy could think about the rest of the day was her new job. Based on how the interview went, Nancy concluded that her client had a strong personality, as did her son, who constantly lectured her and gave instructions on what to do. Of course, Nancy realized that Jacob worried about his mother and needed to find out everything about the nurse before she came to their house. “Okay, I’ll figure it out on the go. I shouldn’t stress myself out beforehand,” the young woman thought, trying to cheer herself up.


The next day, she got up earlier than usual, had a quick breakfast, and went to the Summers family house. At the same time, the woman didn’t forget to take her lucky charm, a handmade golden earring with a tiny diamond that looked like the eye of a snake from Kipling’s fairy tales. Nancy didn’t know who exactly this earring belonged to, but the caregiver said that she was holding it in her tiny hand when she got to the orphanage.

Meanwhile, no one knew where the second earring was either; it simply got lost, or maybe the girl never had it to begin with. In any case, the earring became Nancy’s lucky charm that helped her out during difficult times and always brought her good luck. Thus, before leaving the house, the young woman clutched the little thing in her hand and mentally asked it for help.


Nancy found the Summers’ house rather quickly since it was located in an elite area of the city where most people couldn’t afford to buy land. Trying to calm down and stop her hands from shaking, the young woman went to the door and rang the doorbell. Jacob Summers came out to greet her; his car was parked by the house. “Good morning, Nancy. I appreciate your punctuality,” the man said with a smile. Nancy greeted the owner of the house and smiled back. “Maybe he’s not so bad; he seemed way more aggressive during the first meeting,” the young woman caught herself thinking.

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Now it was time for Nancy to meet Jacob’s mother, Barbara. In addition to Jacob himself, the woman had another son who lived on the other side of the country and couldn’t visit his mother often. Barbara’s husband, Quentin, died in a car accident 23 years ago, and the woman remained single ever since, unable to let another man into her life. Some people saw it as unnecessary, while others saw her decision as a perfect example of true love and devotion. Nancy was among the latter and didn’t condemn Barbara for being unable to fall in love with someone else.


“Meet Nancy; she’s your new nurse. Please treat her nicely,” Jacob introduced the young woman. Barbara sat up in her chair to get a better look at the nurse. The woman looked to be in her early 60s, but a prolonged illness had already taken a toll on her body. “Nice to meet you, Nancy. I hope we’ll have something to talk about. Speaking of that, how do you feel about French or Italian? The fact is that I’m currently studying several languages, and one of these days, I intend to start learning Chinese,” Barbara asked.

“Mrs. Summers, ma’am, I’m sure we’ll get along great. I’m always up for learning something new,” Nancy answered with a smile, to the great relief of the young nurse. The introduction wasn’t as scary as she expected. Barbara was a rather sweet woman who had to put in a lot of effort to help her son Jacob succeed and become a millionaire. Since there was a guest house on the territory of the Summers estate, Nancy was to stay there, which was of great help to the young nurse.


The house where Nancy was staying at the time was in a terrible state. There were no amenities, and the roof was leaking, which deeply saddened the unfortunate young orphan. But things were different in the Summers family home; their luxury was in perfect harmony with practicality, which was pleasing to the eye and made for very comfortable living conditions. “It’s all thanks to my lucky charm. I’m so glad I took it with me. If only I could find the other earring,” Nancy thought, looking at the earring yet again.

Time flew by, and taking care of the sick woman turned out to be much easier than Nancy expected. Barbara Summers, although she did have a temper, was still much calmer and kinder than her son, Jacob. Jacob was very demanding, and therefore, he never let the young nurse relax and inspected her work almost every day. There was always something the businessman didn’t like about his mother’s daily routine. Either he thought that she didn’t spend enough time in the fresh air, or she didn’t get enough sleep, which could affect the well-being of the sick woman. But he always found something he didn’t like.


According to Barbara herself, her illness was treatable, although it required her to get surgery. “If I’m being honest, I’m simply afraid. Medicines keep me going and help with the pain, but they’ll never make me healthy again. I know that the disease is progressing; at this rate, I’m going to die soon,” Barbara admitted one day.

Deep down, Nancy sympathized with this woman who had lived without her husband for over 20 years and was now forced to fight a serious illness. “I don’t know what I would do without Jacob. He’s so smart; he got it from his father,” Barbara said. Sometimes, when the woman felt nostalgic, she would take an old family album and start looking through the pictures. She often invited Nancy to join her.

The young woman actually enjoyed getting to know more about Barbara’s past life. However, the old woman never looked through the album to the end, for some reason, as if she was afraid to see something unpleasant there. During these moments, Barbara always cried, which made the young nurse sympathize with her even more.


At first, the client seemed like a strong and willful woman who had everything and everyone under her control. But after seeing her get so sentimental, Barbara turned into a rather sweet woman in the eyes of the young nurse, who now believed that her client also needed support and protection.

During Nancy’s second week of work, her relationship with Jacob became much warmer as the young millionaire grew to like how professional the young nurse was and thus changed his attitude towards her. It was rumored that the Summers family fortune was approaching a billion, but Nancy didn’t know whether that was true or not.

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One day, when Barbara was feeling sad again, she called Nancy into her bedroom to show her one very important little thing. The fact that it was kept in a very small velvet box testified in favor of the fact that it was an extremely valuable item for its owner. Here, look at what I bought during my trip to Milwaukee.

This earring was sold in one of the pawn shops; its price was much higher than its real value, but it wasn’t about the money for me. It’s about the earring itself; it’s important to me as a memento,” the woman said, opening the box.


Nancy cautiously peered inside and recoiled in shock, letting out a quiet shriek. At the bottom of the box lay an exact copy of the earring Nancy had, the one she considered her lucky charm. “Ah, that’s just impossible,” Nancy whispered, covering her eyes with her hands. At first, the young woman thought that she was mistaken, but when she looked more closely, she realized that she wasn’t. “What’s wrong with you, honey? Are you feeling all right?” Barbara asked with concern in her voice.

Nancy carefully looked at the woman in the eyes and then took her earring with the small diamond out of her pocket. Now it was Barbara’s turn to be surprised. “Where did you get this earring? Did you… did you buy it, or was it a gift?” the young woman shook her head uncertainly and then said, “No, it was neither one nor the other. I got this earring from the caregivers at the orphanage where I was raised since the age of one.”


Barbara turned pale and then involuntarily clutched at her heart. It was clear that the woman was shocked by Nancy’s confession and didn’t know how to get a hold of herself or what to make out of it. Barbara’s gaze got clouded as her thoughts took her back to the time when she was about 40 years old, with two kiddos who just found out that she was pregnant with a third child. “That’s some kind of miracle, especially given your age. It looks like you’re having a girl,” the doctor exclaimed after the woman’s checkup.

Quentin Summers looked at his wife lovingly and gave her a hug. A few people knew that having two sons, the businessman had long dreamed of a daughter whom he could call his little princess. Barbara felt well during the entire pregnancy, which in turn filled the woman’s heart with happiness and love. When little Lisa was born, the joy of her parents knew no bounds. Back then, it seemed to Quentin and Barbara that they had everything they needed to be truly happy as a family. Unfortunately, it was just an illusion.


In honor of little Lisa’s first birthday, Quentin commissioned custom earrings from a jeweler. He intended for his daughter to wear them when she grew up. In the meantime, the baby simply played with them, looking with admiration at small diamonds shining in the sun. Since the earrings were made by a well-known jeweler, there simply couldn’t exist a second pair. Everything was going well until the moment when Quentin took little Lisa to visit his parents. Unfortunately, Barbara had a terrible migraine that fateful morning, and therefore, she decided to stay home.

That seemingly unimportant decision ultimately saved her life. Having driven some three miles away from home, Quentin Summers got into a car accident that was caused by a drunk driver. Since the other car crashed into the driver’s door, little Lisa wasn’t injured. Moreover, her car seat fell out of the car upon impact, which saved her from further injuries. The first to arrive at the scene of the tragedy were the eyewitnesses, one of whom took little Lisa. The little girl was still clutching two earrings in her hand at the time. Later, Lisa lost one of them but held on tightly to the second one.


Of course, there was no way of telling who that woman was and why she took the girl. Some of the eyewitnesses said that she left in a dark green Ford, but it was cloudy that day, so the color of the car could have easily been dark blue or even black. They never managed to find the woman or Lisa, as they both seemed to have vanished off the face of the Earth.

Distraught with grief, Barbara was ready to give everything she had only to find her daughter. After her husband’s funeral, the woman went to great lengths trying to find Lisa. She paid incredible amounts of money to all kinds of psychics who took advantage of the woman’s gullibility and deceived her in the most shameless way. Private detectives and mediums, like a flock of hungry leeches, clung to the wealth of the distraught widow.

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Over time, the pain of losing her husband and daughter dulled, but every time she thought about her daughter, she immediately started crying and cursing fate for being so cruel to her family. It was for that very reason that Barbara never looked at the pictures at the end of the family album, afraid to see the last photos of Quentin and little Lisa.

And three months ago, she accidentally saw that very earring with the tiny diamond in one of the pawn shops in Milwaukee. According to the seller, it was brought in by a woman who drove a dark car. Of course, he didn’t remember the license plate, which meant that finding the car was simply impossible.

Now, the young nurse was sitting in front of Barbara and holding the second earring in her hands. It definitely wasn’t a copy, since both earrings had a stamp and the number of the sample left by the master. Still unable to believe her eyes, Barbara just sat there silently and cried.


At first, Nancy didn’t understand what was happening, but when Barbara told her the whole story, the young nurse involuntarily shuddered. Barbara stubbornly drove away the thought that she could be the same little Lisa who disappeared from the scene of the accident and ended up in an orphanage. But Barbara thought quite differently. Only then did the woman realize what had been bugging her all that time – her nurse, Nancy, bore a distant resemblance to Quentin Summers, who had died 23 years earlier. She had the same dimples on her chin and the blue eyes. She was the spitting image of her late husband.

Barbara thought that she’d reached the right conclusion. The woman gave Nancy a long hug. “I can feel it; you’re my daughter, honey. I felt it from the moment you came in here,” Barbara whispered with tears in her eyes. At that moment, the door of the room opened, and Jacob Summers stepped inside. He came in to check on his mother before going off to work.


“What’s going on here? Why are you crying?” the businessman exclaimed in surprise. “Son, it’s a real miracle. This young woman is your missing sister, Lisa,” Barbara said with sobs. Jacob was confused for a moment, after which a dense network of wrinkles covered his forehead. Frankly speaking, the businessman didn’t believe in miracles, which was why he immediately grew suspicious of Nancy, thinking that she could be trying to scam his mother.

“I don’t think we should jump to conclusions. The first thing we should do is get a DNA test, and only then we can start hugging,” Jacob muttered. But it was extremely difficult to convince Barbara. She felt in her heart that Nancy was her daughter, and she was ready to fight her son over it.


Having convinced Nancy that a DNA test was really the right way to go, Barbara started waiting patiently for the results. When they finally arrived, the woman’s joy knew no bounds. The test concluded that there was a 99.9% probability that Nancy and Barbara Summers were related.

“Welcome to the family, Lisa. We’ve been waiting for you,” Jacob said with a smile. “I always knew that someday we’d get you back,” Barbara added. At that moment, her eyes filled with tears, which for the first time in years were caused by joy instead of sadness.


After Barbara got her daughter back, her life changed beyond recognition. Now the woman was no longer against getting the surgery, which could cure her of her illness. Nancy and Jacob were by the woman’s side throughout her treatment and supported their mother in literally everything. Fortunately, thanks to the professionalism of Barbara’s doctors and the latest methods of treatment, the surgery was successful, and Barbara had a chance to start a new life without her illness and all the medications.

On the day of Barbara’s discharge from the hospital, all the members of the Summers family came out to take her home. Even her eldest son flew in from Nevada to support his closest person in the world. Looking at her children, Mrs.


Summers thanked heaven for giving her the opportunity to feel the taste of life again and become the beloved and only mother for all three of her children. For Nancy, the journey from being an orphan to finding her true family was like a miracle, a miracle that brought joy, love, and a sense of belonging she had never experienced before. The Summers family welcomed her with open arms, and they lived happily ever after.

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