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Avoid Fake Friends: Check 7 Benefits of Having a Genuine Friendship



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Recently, almost everyone is in a relationship with someone they love and care about. However, not everyone is dating but it is not entirely untrue to say that everyone has at least a friend. The impact of genuine friendship in our lives cannot be overemphasized as friends help us achieve a lot of things while being there for us at all times.

There are some attitudes typical of a genuine friendship, that is, a bond that allows you to be yourself while helping each other to improve. Among some common signs, we find the following:

1. They push us to accept ourselves more

Many people have an internal voice that is very critical and sometimes which makes them feel bad about themselves. A true friendship can help us to change this self-perception of ourselves, acting as a support when these internal voices go beyond the usual. In this way, good friendship will push you to improve your self-esteem, especially in times when you are not good with yourself.


2. They point out where we are wrong

We all have defects and we make mistakes. But, what differentiates a true friendship from the others is that they allow us to see what we are wrong about. Therefore, they are able to point out what they see negatively about their friends with complete sincerity.

3. True friends are present

Good friends are usually available when you need them. A true friend makes your presence a priority especially when you are going through a rough patch. They are not just there when your life is rosy, they are also available when you need someone to talk to and a shoulder to lean on. Therefore, when you have problems, you can always count on them.

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4. True friends listen

Sometimes we talk to people who seem only interested in their life and never in others. Somehow, with these types of bonds, the moments of relief are never satisfactory. On the other hand, in conversations with real friends, things work differently. Being able to have an open, two-way dialogue with someone improves the chances of a stronger relationship.

5. They support us in the face of adversity

A true friendship will offer you support in both success and adversity. In fact, you can trust these people to tell them about the hardest aspects of your life and they will always be available. Yes, sometimes they may not be able to proffer immediate solutions to your problems but their mere presence at such a critical moment of your life makes all the difference.


6. They help you keep stress under control

One of the hallmarks of a good friendship is precisely knowing what motivates the other person. So much so that a true friendship will help us make better decisions. When you are stressed, probably from work, family, goals and more or worried about something completely different from these, your friends know how best to make you bring these things under control and make you feel better. It could be by encouraging you to see a movie, take a walk or visit your favorite restaurant.

7. Sincerity above all

Support is crucial in friendships. However, in addition to this reinforcement, good friends also tell us the truth at all times regardless of how much it hurts. Although honesty is not easy, it is very important to our bond. These friends help you see things the way they ideally ought to be. If you did something wrong, they won’t hesitate to inform you, although in the most calm and mature manner. They try to make you see things from another perspective, reprimand you when necessary and celebrate with you as well.

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