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After All The Sacrifice We Made To Send Her To School, My 19yrs Daughter Came home From School Pregnant- Woman Lament



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After All The Sacrifice We Made To Send Her To School, My 19yrs Daughter Came home From School Pregnant- Woman Lament

Please post this as soon as possible. I do not know how best to explain this predicament that I have found myself in. I am a young mother of three children. My first fruit, a girl whom I have sacrificed a lot to see that she lives a good and stress-free life, is 19 and she is only in first year. My husband and I sent her to one of the best secondary schools in our state.

The school is quite expensive and my husband even refused to pay because of how expensive the tuition fee was. I was the one who insisted that our daughter went to the school because of the standards and how well the school grooms kids. I agreed to contribute part of the school fees just so that our child will have a good background in her education. Her two younger siblings were enrolled in another school which is also good but pays less than that of my first child. I won’t deny it, paying their school fees and running the house took a lot of sacrifices.

Many times, I had to forgo some of the things I so much desired so that we could pay their school fees. I took up extra jobs to see that my kids got the best foundation in education. Many times I would break down but when I remember that I’m doing this for my daughter, including my two other sons, I will be encouraged to keep striving. My daughter graduated and got admission into University of Lagos to study Mass Communication.

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With the help of my husband, we provided all that she would need in school and ensured that nothing was lacking for her. The heartbreaking thing is that my 19 year old daughter whom I have sacrificed so much for in order to see that she achieves her dreams in life is pregnant. I still find it hard to believe and looking back, I feel very shattered. I go down the memory lane and all I see is that I did all that I should do as a mother to ensure she lives well. I was never found wanting in my duties and my husband will bear me witness.

Before my daughter left for school, I sat her down to speak to her like a mother would. I made it a mother to child conversation and I ensured I never raised my voice. I advised her, taught her to stay away from boys and ensured she confided in me whenever she had a problem. I did this and many more but she failed me.

I send her money frequently even though my husband does the same. All this is because I don’t want her to have any reason to depend on men for money or to even look at her friends. I buy clothes and send them to her. Is it foodstuffs, is it money or is it even a phone that she doesn’t have? She uses a good iPhone and she once called to complain that she needed a laptop for many of her assignments. I didn’t have enough money then but I tried my best. I had to borrow from my good friend. I sent her the money for the laptop and she bought it. What have I not done for this child? I feel really bad that this is what she brought back for me.

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I don’t know what to do. I can’t even send her back to school in this condition. Her father is not even saying anything. He is highly disappointed but no matter how angry I am, I can’t leave her or keep quiet. I tried to find out who was responsible and she said it’s someone in another department. He is also a young boy so what exactly is she gaining from him.


I feel heartbroken that after all I have passed through just to give her a good life, this is how she pays me back. My daughter is still tender and this has ruined her life already. She just finished first year.

How will she cope with this pregnancy. She is just 19, 19 years for crying out loud. What does she know about childbirth and raising a child? Abortion is not even an option. I can’t even think about it. I don’t want to lose my child but I am at loss for what to do. Please talk to me.

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