“You Cannot Be A First Son And Be Broke” Frank Edwards Says As He Prays For First Sons

The first born son in a typical african family knows that his life will not be easy. There are many things expected from that person, for example, leadership and maturity, and even when they grow up, the burden is still placed on them to perform.

In a christian family, the first son is also expected to take the spiritual leadership of the house, especially when the father is not around. In fact, the first son takes over every paternal responsibility when the father is absent.

Frank Edwards, award winning gospel artist, recognized this issue, which made him to pray a special prayer for all first born children. He prayed for the blessings of God to crown their efforts, and that they live up to their responsibilities, because, according to him, you cannot be a first son and be broke. And it’s true! How can you afford not to have money with all the responsibilities looking at you?

I know first sons who have had to sacrifice opportunities just so their younger ones would have a chance. And I have seen first sons who graduate from school and take up the responsibility of sponsoring the education of their younger ones. First sons are expected to spear head the role of taking care of their parents in their old age, and whenever there is a family conflict, the first sons are called upon to handle it.

And then there are the pastors that always teach that first sons are susceptible to generational curses. They point to first sons like Esau, Mannaseh and Reuben to prove their point. These pastors conduct several deliverances and spiritual activities, to liberate the first sons from their bondage.

I join Frank Edwards to pray for all first born sons too. They just cannot afford to fail.

Are you a first son? Is there any special challenge you face that I failed to mention? What are you currently facing in your life? Share with everyone in the comments. Be blessed.

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