Wizkid’s Bodyguard Reveals How Ahmed Squandered Money on drugs, Rusticated from School

Personal bodyguard of Wizkid Balogun, Roy Emmanuel, confirms the claim of the singer handling the sum of N10M and other benefits to Ahmed, contrary to rumors.


The singer had been called out over claims of failing to fulfill his promise to the then 12-years-old, Ahmed, whom he promised to turn his life around.

According to Roy, the promises were fulfilled beyond expectation, but all efforts to take Ahmed out of the slums proved abortive over his drug abuse.

Wizkid's bodyguard reveals how Ahmed squandered money on drugs, rusticated from private university

Adding to his point, Ahmed was rusticated from the school where Wizkid enrolled him over his truancy.

“Ahmed is an Ingrate, Wizkid gave him more than N10Million and put him in one of the best schools in Lagos (Caleb) also got him and his parents a new apartment and furnished it, but ahmed was busy smoking Igbo up and down and was into g**ng stuffs and that was why he got Expelled from Caleb,” he wrote in a post.

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