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Wife Of Man That Allegedly Killed His 3 Kids Reveals He Told Her About Killing Them

The story of a Father that allegedly killed and dumped the corpse of his 3 kids in a freezer recently went viral. Alot of people wondered what would make a Father kill his own children.

The wife of the Man identified as Millicent Amadikwa had an interview with BBC News, she explained how everything happened. She revealed how the Man previously told her he would kill the kids.

According to Mrs Millicent, the unfortunate incident took place on the 4th of January, 2022. It happened in their home located in Nkwubor Road, Emene, Enugu state.

On the day of the incident, Mrs Millicent went to the market with her only son named Akachukwu. She left her other 3 kids identified as ChidalumAmarachi and Ebubechukwu at home. She also revealed that Chidalum is the Man’s step daughter.

Mrs Millicent left the kids with their Father, she revealed she sells fresh tomatoes in the market. When she returned home that day, she was surprised that nobody came to welcome her like before.

When she arrived, she asked her Husband (Mr Ifeayin Amadikwa) about the kids and he claimed he knew nothing about their whereabouts. Mrs Millicent checked everywhere for her kids, she even searched the bush for them.

Mrs Millicent searched her neighbor’s house, she asked around but she didn’t see her Children. She was surprised to find her husband sitting down less concerned, he was not even worried about the missing kids.

Mrs Millicent explained that her husband was sewing his trouser when she was searching for her kids. After he finished, he put on his trouser and took her to a fridge. He told her to see the kids she was looking for, that they are inside the fridge playing.

When Mrs Millicent opened the fridge, she saw her kids all piled up against each other inside the fridge. They were already dead and their lips turned to black, another substance was aslo coming out of their mouth.

Mrs Millicent explained that she has been married to Mr Ifeayin for 8 years now. He came back from Dubai two years ago, and since then he has been unemployed.

Mrs Millicent explained that the Man had always told her that he would kill her and the kids, he always said that he would appear in front of a newspaper one day.

Mrs Millicent wanted to leave the house on 27th December, but her Husband locked the gate to stop her from escaping. Even her elder sister had adviced her to leave the man before.

The children have been taken to the morgue for an autopsy to reveal the cause of their death. Even Mr Ifeayin has denied that he had nothing to do with the death of his children.

Neighbors revealed that the day the incident happened, Mr Ifeayin even helped to take the kids to the hospital. Even the doctor said that his body was smelling of some chemicals, the same way the kids smelled of chemicals. 

The Doctor asked Mr Ifeayin how come he had chemicals on his body and on the children’s body, Mr Ifeayin said he doesn’t know. He explained that the chemical was used to treat well, when the Mother noticed that the kid’s lips were black and they were vomiting some substances,the doctor decided to call the police.

So far Mr Ifeayin has been arrested for the murder of his three kids. The commissioner of Police, CP Abubakar Lawal explained that they will get to the root of the matter to ensure justice is served.

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