Why Women Easily Loose Feelings For Men Who Do These 5 Types Of Things

1. When attention is not given to them

Actually all women want to be given attention by anyone that claims to love them. No woman can stay in a relationship where he feels like they are not given the attention they need.

The easiest way to make a woman to loose feelings for you is actually to make her feel like you don’t care about her concerns. They will want you to listen to them even if whatever they are saying doesn’t make any sense. That will tell them that you truly care. They will expect you to be concern about there well being and no whether you are the type of man that they can rely on.

2. A man who never surprises the

Unlike men, women love surprises every other time. The fact that you don’t like surprises does not mean that your fiancee also hates surprises. Once in a while it is wise as a man to take your woman out, shower her with a surprise birthday party, surprise gifts can so work well her. The relationship from a woman’s perspective becomes boring when there are no surprises and it will become easy for them to loose feelings for the man if that continues.

3. No effort seen from the man’s side

Every man has to show that they are making effort in a relationship inorder to keep the woman. Unlike men, women easily get impatient and that is why the man has to be wise.A woman can break up a relationship that has been built for years simply because they see the man not putting an extra effort in the relationship. Extra effort includes doing things that are meant to improve the two of you and also help to enhance the Relationship. For a relationship to work, both the man and the woman have to work together and if a woman doesn’t see this effort, they are likely going to loose feelings for the man.

4. When a man doesn’t compliment their looks

Woman need to be constantly assured of their beauty and that is why Women make an extra effort when it comes to dealing with their looks and other things That just makes them look better. As a man ensure they are affirmed. From her hairstyle, her clothing her makeup, always remember to say something nice about her looks. A woman feels like the man is no appreciating her enough is likely to loose feelings for the man sooner or later.

5. A man who has no time for her

Spending time with the people you love is the proof that you love them and the opposite is also true. No matter how busy a person is, they will always create time for the people they love. The language of time is the love language that all women understand. At first the woman may try to overlook but when it becomes too much, they will have act and respond accordingly and the reaction may not be good.

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