Why Black Men Are The Only Men That Don’t Get To Be Nurtured And Loved As Little Boys- Nicki Minaj Reveals (Video)

Nicki Minaj On Black Men: “They’re Not Allowed To Even Show Their Emotions.

Nicki Minaj is known to be outspoken about her takes on topics irregardless of whom she’s crossing. Recently, the Queen shared that women don’t dress up and get pretty for men which caused a bit of debate online.

Dear Men, women don’t DRESS FOR YOU, DO MAKEUP FOR YOU, DO THEIR HAIR YOU,” Nicki tweeted.

Just like most of y’all only phuck for YOU & not the woman’s pleasure. THIS ALL FOR US. This ain’t ABOUT YOU. Now GO. Thx for COMING,” she added.

Clarifying her comments on a new virtual interview with Joe Budden, she said: “First of all let me say this.. Dear Black man, I love you.. I fucking love you. Dear Black man, I appreciate you. Dear Black man, you’re needed and wanted.”

She continued, “And dear Black man, you are the only man on this planet that as little boy you don’t get nurtured and treated as a child.. like a baby. Like someone that needs to be loved and hugged and told that ‘we love you ‘.

“So I’ll never be on that side of the room about bashing Black man.” She also added that Black men are not allowed to show their emotions even when they’re young and get old .. they’re like ‘you’re a man ,, you gotta be a man.’

According to Nicki, men should be treated the way women treats their kids. “They want that.. they need that too. I just want to mention that I love Black men.. I’m not one of those. I’m not gonna categorize all Black men based on the couple dumb ones who everytime they get on they don’t wanna fuck with they race.”

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