What Can Stop And Neutralize Russian Satan 2 missile? US SM3 1B kinetic kill missile

What Can Stop And Neutralize Russian Satan 2 missile? US SM3 1B kinetic kill missile

The “Satan 2” was developed not to counter the technology US has, but the technology US is working on. At the moment, US cannot intercept the original Satan. Aegis + Patriot can handle more primitive Scud-derived missiles, Israeli Arrow with speed over Mach 9 hopefully can handle what Iran is making to hit them, but none can handle Mach 23 beasts. However US is working on been able to intercept traditional ICBMs.

So as I understand the Russians replaced metal assemblies with monocoque carbon fibre bodies, reducing radar signature and saving a lot of weight. Those savings went towards:

More and more potent warheads
More decoys that are more realistic, to create a lot of targets for US defence.Only 10 warheads, but 50+ separate targets for the interceptors.
Fuel for mid-flight course correction. to confuse the interceptors.
Potentially, so-called hypersonic re-entry vehicles.

Not as complex as it sounds, the traditional re-entry vehicles are already hypersonic, entering atmosphere at Mach 23. The challenge is to make them sustain high speed for longer while conducting complex turns at high G-forces, making interception impossible.

In addition the Russians are fortifying their launching sites. They already have hardened silos with missiles in suspended tubes. They promised to deploy S-400 systems to defend the sites, however thermohuclear anti-missiles that are now permitted sound more realistic. That would turn Satan 2 into second-strike weapons, which could be fired even if US fired first.

What Can Stop And Neutralize Russian Satan 2 missile? US SM3 1B kinetic kill missile.

The so named Satan 2 can only carry a maximum of 15 mirvs. For 15 mirvs to destroy an entire country, it would have to be a very small country. Japan is about the limit for size, and every warhead would need to impact target.

The US has the ability to intercept the Satan 2 with the SM3 1B kinetic kill missile. These do not play chase, they kill from ahead of the missile. So they do not need a huge range or speed, they just need to know the Satan 2 is coming and be in the target region. The Satan 2 is an ICBM and is easily detected moments after launch, half a minute or so.

Even at the claimed speeds of the Satan 2, it is detected long before the need to intercept it, and by that time a full scale nuclear response is headed the other way, backed up by SLBM’s that would devastate even a nation as large as Russia.

And if the W80 armed Tomahawk is brought back, then SSGN’s would rain hundreds of those as well, using a cruise missile that Russia still has almost no success in detecting until they reach target.

S300 and S400 have proven near useless against them, and the S500 is unproven and unlikely to do any better.

The point being that while the US has limited defenses inside the US, it has them around the globe and more. importantly, a nuclear attack will be responded to in overwhelming numbers.

So what good is it to attack a nation with nuclear weapons if you and your nation will not survive either?
As for the “in seconds”, well, aside from the fact that it cannot destroy nations, other than the detonation taking seconds the travel time for even the Satan 2 ICBM is still about 20 minutes to reach the US passing over the Arctic. To hit Alaska is still going to take it minutes because ICBM’s do have a minimum range, but that would be the shortest time.

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