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This Christian Man Was Stripped, Burned With Hot Iron Rods For Befriending Muslim Woman



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In Sheikhupura, Pakistan, 21-year-old Christian, Ansar Masih, became friends with Ayesha, a Muslim girl from his town. They liked to talk about their hopes and what they wanted in the future. But where they lived, people often didn’t approve of friendships between different religions.

Ayesha’s family didn’t like their friendship. They told Ansar to stop seeing her because they were worried about what other people would think. Ansar and Ayesha thought friendship could overcome these problems, so they kept meeting.


One day, April 1st, when Ansar visited Ayesha’s neighborhood, her family took him away by force. They were very angry and hurt him badly using hot iron rods. They left him with serious injuries.

At first, Ansar’s family was told he got hurt in a car accident. But when Ansar could talk again, he told everyone the truth about what really happened. His sister helped him to tell the police, and the people who hurt him were arrested.

Ansar’s family didn’t have a lot of money and they were under a lot of pressure from the attackers and some police to forget about the attack. They found it hard to get good medical help for him. Seeing their trouble, a kind man named Mohammad Jibran Nasir, who fights for people’s rights, helped them. He made sure Ansar could go to a better hospital to get the care he needed.

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