They Want To Finally Sell Nigeria- Bishop Ibiyeomie Reveals Intentions Of Presidential Candidates

The founder of Salvation Ministry, Bishop David Ibiyeomie, has said those who have declared their interest in running for presidency in 2023 are only coming to sell the country.

Bishop Ibiyeomie who spoke during a church service in Port Harcourt, said none of those who recently made their intentions known is qualified to rule the country.

He said, “All these voters’ cards you’re carrying, election has finished for 2023, the 2023 election is just to fulfill all righteousness, the real election has finished. It is only prayer that can turn the whole thing around.

“Nigeria is a funny country, when I see the kinds of people showing interest in some political offices, I am like these people again in Nigeria? They want to finally sell Nigeria, if there is anything remaining, they want to count Nigeria and say we sell it for wholesale price.

“This country, we will pray them out. Now, God will bring somebody who will make Nigeria a better country, when I see the kinds of people showing interest in offices, I have not seen one credible person for now.

“Maybe later when we see more faces but the ones who have shown their faces now not one among them is credible, these ones will mortgage Nigeria, they will say come and buy Nigeria for the next 200 years and they will collect the money, our fourth generation will not see anything, it will be a case of from frying pan into fire.

“We are currently inside a frying pan and you’re craving to enter inside the fire, God forbid.”

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