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“They Call Me Zombie” Lady Who Has Never Slept With Any Man Says All Boys Do Not Want Her

A lady born differently has come out to narrate how her special look has been a big problem in her life.

Alice was born with a partially deformed face with her nose split into 2 parts and eyes further apart in a special way.

According to Afrimax TV, a channel that shares stories from people living with disabilities in Africa, the doctor who once treated the lady said her brain is closer to her forehead.

Alice tells the channel that she has been suffering from the day she was introduced to this cruel planet, with some people, especially the children not willing to approach her.

She has breathing issues, which sometimes makes it difficult for her to inhale.

Her body is weak to the level of not being able to lift anything and put it on her head.

She noted any time she is visiting a new area, everyone starts staring at her. Others bully her by branding her names, such as being called a zombie.

Apart from the bullying she gets, she also has feelings but no man is willing to approach her.

There is a man she has developed feelings towards, but she is not willing to approach him and speak her heart out because the chances of him rejecting her are so high.

However, she still believes one day a man will show up and love her, and she is willing to remain pure and wait for the man.

She says she cannot wish to go to bed with any man until her wedding night.

Alice dropped out of school after her father, who was paying her school fees, died.

She is willing to learn technical skills such as tailoring but due to lack of school fees, she is still hoping.

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