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The Holy Quran Converted Me To Christian – Former Muslim Cleric Reveals Hidden Facts (video)


A former Muslim cleric identified as Joseph’s Mario has revealed how via the holy Quran he has become a Christian. The clergyman made this known during his interview, when he was questioned about his path to Christianity as a Muslim.

The individual believed that many of the citations are in the Bible in the Qur’an. The imam, discloses that in his parish he has forever preached that Jesus Christ is not God, but that God is Allah and never married, and therefore no son of Allah.

This was Mario Joseph’s belief until one day, somebody asked Jesus from the throng. This curiosity about obtaining the true identity of Jesus Christ motivated him to study the Quran once more and he discovered the name of Prophet Mohammed in 4 places in 114 chapters, 6666 in Quran but discovered the name of Jesus in 25 places..

This shows that Jesus Christ is referenced more by the Quran than by Prophet Mohammed. Another item he claims to uncover in the Qur’an is the name of Mariam, Jesus’ mother, not the name of Mohammed’s mother, daughter or sister.

The Quran has chapters also called Mariam, and it shows that she was without her original sin.

There is also allusion in Qur’an to Jesus Christ’s return, but no mention to Prophet Muhammad’s return.

When Mario Joseph said that after he was confused about these differences, he held up the holy Qur’an and prayed to lead him in the right direction, then the page his hand opened to the Qur’an is chapter 10 (94) saying, « If you are doubtful of this Quran that I gave you, then go and read the Bible or ask them to read the Bible as the truth is revealed there already. He finished.

    Watch the full video below.:



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    1. If he is what you claim , why was he crucified ? It’s only a false prophet that’s put death by crucifixion according to the bible. Again , you claim he is the holy and only while he desclaim all you attribute to him (math.5 v 30). He said “he who is sent is not greater than the one who send him”. And prayed like we Muslims do (math, 26 v32-36)

    2. Just Google “how the Bible led me to Islam” by Joshua Evans now Shaykh Yushau Evans having memorised the whole Qur’an and why a Canadian Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science and Theologian formerly Prof Gary Miller reverted to Islam and now called AbdulAhad Umar.
      Then Google how times Firaun (pharoah) is mentioned in the Qur’an. Since he’s mentioned more times, does that make him more important or greater than Christ?
      This your Joseph Mario is just fabricated and make belief.
      Go stop deceiving yourselves and others knowingly please.
      The Qur’an says whosoever brings a religion apart from Islam on judgement Day will be among the losers. May we be successful, Aameen.

      1. It’s foretold that during the last days many people will deviate from the path of life, so don’t be surprised many Christiansdeviates from the path of righteousness that leads to eternal life. Also that Pharaoh that you mentioned was drowned in the red sea with all his armies in fact deep divers discovered chariots boxes, wheels and axles as well as human and horse skeletal deep down in the ocean.

  1. Am feeling sorry for my brother Joseph because u mis understood that verse.
    The verse says ask those who have knowledge about the tauraat,lnjil and zabur.
    All these are Allah’s Books revealed to His Prophets and all containing the same message about the truthfulness of Islam
    !!!!,not the Bible because it wasn’t revealed to any prophet.

    1. For the sake of people like Sadiq Kasozi it is written “that you may see and not perceived and that you may hear and not understand,” so go ahead and continue to argue

  2. Jesus Christ, YESHUA MESSIAH is a complete man and complete God.
    This is where the Jews stumbled.
    Muslims must accept JESUS the resurrection and the life..
    Jesus is the only substitute and saviour all men whose name saves all who believe.
    Mohammed name cannot save, Allah cannot but Jesus only.
    It’s beyond argument.

  3. His crucifixion was for our sins, taking upon himself our punishment as sinners putting it to death on the cross and giving us a gift of salvation through his resurrection from death so by the blood of Jesus not the blood of rams or animals we are forgiven our sins and saved from eternal damnation or spiritual death and we receive his righteousness and are saved by accepting and believing in the sacrifice he paid on our behalf once and far all and not the continuous killing of rams and animals which only covers sins but cannot wash it away only by the blood of Jesus our sins are washed away and so he was given a name above all names, the name JESUS the only way , truth and the life no one came to God except through him….he is God the son, the word of God made flesh through God’s awesome power he made his words into flesh…so jesus is God but not God almighty


  4. Can you give a Surat that says that Mohammad is the work of Allah? Don’t argue of what you don’t understand, use the Quran OR THE BIBLE
    to defend you argument. AJESUS IS THE WORD OF GOD , Surat 3:45, from the beginning was the word , JOHN 1:1, GOD USES HIS WORDS TO CREATE, GENESIS 1:3.ETC.

  5. His crucifixion was foretold that he will come to die for the redemption of mankind unlike Mohammed who was not foretold, neither care for the Muslim adherent.

  6. I’ve understood that God is calling his pole every where, those, whose names are written in the lamps book of life before the foundation of the earth was laid. Wonderful

  7. Don’t just quote scripture with your own knowledge because the wisdom of a man is a foolishness before God. Also Jesus Christ was crucified not because He’s a false prophet but for the word of God to be fulfilled. The meaning of crucification is that “curse be he who was crucified,” according to Hebrew culture. So go back and read carefully the scriptures that you quoted and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you because He is the author of the Word

  8. Abraham was the fore father of the Israelite and he was also a prophet. Counting it from Abraham down to the last but not the least of the prophets mentioned in the Bible were all Israelites except of Muhammed, and Muhammed with all his deeds were not even recorded in the Bible. Please note that I said “Muhammed with all his deeds were not recorded in the Bible,” and he is the only Arab, the rest were Israelites. Now, these prophets that were recorded in the Bible were the ones’ that were the “main and major” characters in the Quran except for Muhammed an Arab. My question is that all the prophets/characters in the quran e.g Abraham also known as Ibrahim, Jesus also known as Yisa, Mary the mother of Jesus also known as Mariam, Joseph also known as Yusuf, Isaiah also known as Isiaka, David also known as Dauda, Solomon also known as Sulaimon, just to mention few of them, I also exclude Muhammed and his family, so the rest where do they come from??

  9. Very disturbing argument. All what he mentioned is what all Muslim Knew about it before. Mentioning Jesus name more than Muhammed means Muhammed SAW is a reliable prophet Because some will prefer to mention his own name more than others to see him as highly respected prophet . Marian name was mentioned because of Circumstances that surrounded her pregnancy and how she gave birth. .moses ,Abraham and others name were mentioned several times .
    Most importantly , the man must have hidden agenda to own church and be telling people lies. All what he mentioned does not justify one to convert to chrotianity .

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