The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2: Things You Need To Know!

It seems like everyone who has watched The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2 on Netflix has been anticipating its arrival, and we are among those who are looking forward to it.

The Daily Life of the Immortal King, also known as Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo, is a Chinese novel written by Kuxuan that is turned into a donghua. It is one of the more prominent donghua, alongside other works such as Heaven Official’s Blessing and Mo Dao Zu Shi.

The novel began serialization in 2017 and is now being published on a staggeringly frequent basis: every day! The novel’s English translation is published by Webnovel, and it now contains more than 1800 chapters.

The Haoliners Animation League is in charge of the anime version of the series, which has a second season that will be released very soon!

It aired 15 episodes during its inaugural season, which began in January 2020 and finished in March 2020. The Daily Life of the Immortal King premiered in January 2020 and ran for a total of 15 episodes. On My Anime List, the anime is given a score of 7.3/10.

What is The Daily Life of the Immortal King About?

The Daily Life of the Immortal King is a slice-of-life comedy and fantasy tale about Wang Ling, who reaches a near-immortal status by achieving a new kingdom every year, as well as a fantasy tale about Wang Ling.

At the age of 16, he decides to attend high school and live a relatively low-key existence in which he wishes to attract the least amount of attention possible. Unfortunately, things don’t quite turn out that way in the end.

Wang Ling is met with one difficulty after another in his newly discovered high-school life, and his attempts to remain out of the limelight frequently backfire, resulting in both comical and troublesome scenarios for Wang Ling to deal with.

Following the conventions of the high-school genre, Wang Ling finds companionship that he likes and respects. Wang Ling, on the other hand, falls in love with Sun Rong and has a strong desire to protect her.

The adaptation of the novel will be a time-consuming endeavor due to the text’s large length (almost 1800 chapters). After the conclusion of Season 1, a single season of 12 episodes is unlikely to span more than one or two-story arcs.

Wang Ling almost succeeded in creating an altogether different world in the first season, but she ended up in dangerous waters as a result. His relationship with Sun Rong is also expected to progress in the future.

The second season is intended to expand on the events of season one and see Wang Ling struggle to maintain a healthy balance between his immortality and powers while also attempting to live the life of a high school student.

What is the total number of episodes in The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2?

In the second season of The Daily Life of the Immortal King, which was produced by Haoliners Animation League, a total of 12 episodes were released. Each episode has a running time of approximately 18 minutes. This will be the final episode of The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2 Episode 12 English Subtitles, which will be shown on January 8, 2022.

Where can I watch The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2 online?

Bilibili produced the first season, and it is believed that the second season will be created in the same manner. Season 2 of The Daily Life of the Immortal King will consist of 12 episodes, the first of which has already been teased with a major visual.

Season 1 of the Original Net Animation is available on Netflix right now as well! When the donghua is released in other countries, it is likely that it will be added to the Netflix library.

Funimation announced in October that it would begin airing The Daily Life of Immortal King Season 2 Episode 1 English sub on October 29 as part of its growing inventory of anime. On Funimation, you may also view the first season’s first 15 episodes, which are available to stream. Currently, Funimation is available in the following countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

The likelihood of a Netflix release in 2021 is extremely remote, with a release in Winter 2022 or Spring 2022 at the earliest being more realistic.

The voice actors that played the two major characters in Season 1 could very possibly be reprising their roles in Season 2 of The Daily Life of the Immortal King:

  • Wang Ling is played by Sun Lulu.
  • Sun Rong is played by Qian Chen.

Even though The Daily Life of the Immortal King does not currently have an English or Japanese dub, the fact that it is available on Netflix raises the possibility that it will receive an English or Japanese dub in the future.

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