Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 2: Things You Need To Know!

Teenage Bounty Hunters, a Netflix original series created by Kathleen Jordan and executive produced by Jenji Kohan, is the latest genre-defying hit to hit the streaming service (Weeds, Orange Is the New Black). Streaming customers have enjoyed the show, which is a hybrid of an adolescent comedy series and a complicated crime thriller series.

Identical twins Sterling and Blair Wesley (Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini) attend Willingham Academy, a Christian high school, where they meet and fall in love. Following Sterling’s destruction of their father’s truck, the two daughters decide to turn to bounty hunting to pay for the necessary repair work. Sterling belongs to a fellowship in the region, and the girls lead quite normal lives.

As fugitive stalkers, they hook up with Bowser Simmons (Kadeem Hardison) and try to live their lives as regular high school ladies who happen to be on the lookout for bounties as a side gig. Fans are already clamoring for more episodes of the Wesley brothers’ high-risk pranks, even though the first season only contains ten episodes.

For now, Netflix subscribers who are interested in learning when a second season of the show might be released, as well as what that season might include, will have to wait a little longer. There is still a lot of excitement about the first season, and it will most likely be some time before the streaming service makes any official announcements, but here is everything we currently know about the show.

When Will Teenage Bounty Hunters Season 2 Come Out?

As previously mentioned, the first season of Teenage Bounty Hunters will release on Netflix on August 14, 2020, with the second season following on August 14, 2020. Normal conditions would allow us to estimate with some degree of accuracy when the next 10 episodes of The Walking Dead will be released, but the ongoing global outbreak has made release date divination a much more dubious skill than it was previously.

Netflix has not yet confirmed that Teenage Bounty Hunters will be renewed for a second season; nonetheless, Jordan is confident that the show will be renewed for a second season. Entertainment Weekly quoted the program’s creator as saying that there is still a lot of love on the table and that there is still a lot of drama and cliffhangers heading into the second season of the show.

On the premise that she is true and that Netflix allows an additional ten episodes, we may see the premiere of the season as early as next summer. You shouldn’t be too disappointed if season 2 of The Walking Dead isn’t released until the fall of 2021 or even later in the year 2022, especially considering the uncertainty created by the pandemic.

Teenage Bounty Hunters will surely have numerous opportunities to add new characters to the show’s broad range of characters as the ladies continue to expand their bounty hunting company. A couple of other rappers-turned-actors may make an appearance on the program to complement Wu Tang’s Method Man’s scene-stealing performance from season one, which wouldn’t be surprising.

Even though it is impossible to predict who the new players will be at this phase in the game’s development, we can say with a high degree of assurance that the core cast from season 1 will be returning at this time. They are among the most despicable couples on the face of the globe, as played by Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini, who play Sterling and Blair Wesley.

Also, if Bowser Simmons, Kadeem Harding’s bounty hunter and vendor of delicious yogurt, hadn’t appeared on the episode, the show would have been very different. Debbie Wesley, the twins’ mother, and former soap queen Virginia Williams, who played her on the show for many years, are almost expected to return to the show.

A lot more of Spencer House as Luke Creswell, Devon Hales as April Stevens, and Myles Evans as Miles Taylor are expected to appear in the forthcoming episodes as a result of the ongoing tension in the romance arcs of the series

What is the plot of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 2?

The Wesley twins, who viewers have now realized are not twins at all, but rather cousins, are already on a path that Jordan knows where she wants them to go in season 2. On EW’s post-season 1 interview, she delved into every one of the show’s cliffhangers, with a particular focus on the women’s tumultuous love lives.

Luke, April, or none of the above? ” “Will Blair and Miles get back together?” Rhetorically, Jordan asked the question. ‘How will this revelation influence Blair’s relationship with Sterling? How will Sterling’s relationship with Blair and her parents be affected by this discovery, and how will Sterling’s colossal deception, which could be regarded as an act of service for so many years? “I hope we get the opportunity to get everything out,” he said.

If there was any doubt that there would be a second season, Jordan seemed to be more concerned with how Season 1 ended than how it ended in terms of storylines and character arcs.
‘I am curious about the concept of being a sister,’ Jordan remarked. Dana and Debbie will have plenty to do there, Jordan added. What does this relationship between them represent and where they will go in the future intrigue me. “Then there are Sterling and Blair, who aren’t identical twins, but rather cousins, and does it matter to them?” Do they have any effect on their family relationships as a result of this?”

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