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Stop Calling me a Muslim, I’m Wearing Hijab Because My Backsides Is Making Men Sin- Sister Catherine (Video)

I’m Not A Muslim, God Told Me To Be Wearing Hijab Because My Shape Was Making Men Lu$t- Sister Catherine (Video)

Popular Nigerian Evangelist Sister Catherine Also Known as Mummy G. O Has allegedly reveals why she choose to be wearing hijab despite being a Christian.

Sister Catherine explain that she not a Muslim as assumed by people due to her way of dressing, I’m a born again Christian and I was instructed by God in a dream to stop falling men by the reason of my dresses which exposes my body shape and when men see it they began to feel seduced.

In order to adhere to God instructions I decided to start wearing hijab to cover my backsides especially, though I had several queries by my fellow Christians that I’m copying the lifestyle of Muslims by wearing hijab, but that is not my motive.

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    1. Hmmmmmm. Explanation not satisfying to me … She can be wearing Kaftan free gowns that will not show her shape instead of ijab now

      1. My sister Muslims are not copied from the Christian who is ordained by the Almighty God in the holy book Quran, chapter 170 verses 30 to 31

  1. You can see one of the reasons why Allah ar-Rahman arRaheem ordered women to cover their Aurah.
    You have voted for Hijab.
    Alhamdulillah Rabbil Alamiin always

    1. She’s very wrong for saying Muslim women copy Christian women. Right from onset, Muslim women are the ones covering themselves with Hijabs. Sister Catherine, u got it wrong. Islam is a complete religion. A reasonable Muslim woman would never expose any part of her body. Rather, u’re the one copying Islamic dressing. It’s better for u to change to a complete faith, before it’s too late.
      Can u show us a place in your Bible where it is commanded that Christian women should use hijab?
      I’m sure, there is no such provision in your Bible, therefore, stop spreading fake information.

        1. There’s nothing wrong in her listening to d voice of God bcs is a good thing for one to fall in the hand of God than d hands of men.

      1. Zuleyis, you are ignorant hijab had been worn before Islam was formed …it’s not necessarily an Islamic fashion

        1. Yes Hijab has been worn before Islam but not exactly as how Muslims water it and Islam recommend it for every believing women. In the Qur’an Allah says ”and warn the believing women to draw thier veils i.e Hijab all over their body

      2. @zuleyis u re very aiite, her problem is she doesn’t know how to tell her followers that she has trun to Muslim may almight Allah keep u Ameen

      1. True. The Israelites dressed like that. Muslims only copied from Christians. But most pastors say Christianity and worshipping God has nothing to do with dressing. It has!

      2. Hijab is a northern dress, to prevent dust, u can believe that the blinds are many in the north, so, lslam came from northerners, as Christianity come from Southerners, u can see Christian dress in suit, so don’t be deceive either by hijab nor suit, their foreign dressings, our own dress are buba and agbada. So understand from today,

    2. Dear Sister Catherine,
      See how pleased and satisfied you are with just a single practice of Islamic Etiquette that protects you and others that are in contact with you get saved from Allah punishment. Now imagine you enter wholeheartedly into Islam and immense benefits you and your people will get from Our Creator, Allah. Thanks for propagating our religion of Islam. I know sooner or later many Christian will join you across the Globe and with that Islamic etiquette of dressing will take over the Churches and obscene dresses that are noted and constantly seen in churches more than any social gathering will be a thing of the past. Islam is the solution and has solution to all problems.
      I congratulate for seeing the light of protection and wisdom from your Creator through the practice of just one Islamic etiquette.

  2. Sister you are the best. Beside, hijab is not a prerogative or exclusively preserved for Muslim. Its for both religion adherents.
    Both Muslims and Christian wear it in the northern part of Nigeria freely, not of compulsion.

    1. Madam, you could’ve dressed the way your faith asked you, Islam is a complete way of life, “….die not unless you’re a Muslim”…

      1. Honestly speaking, you don’t need to wear hijab to cover yourself in as much as you are not a Muslim, please do not wear the hijab because that is our Muslim identity.

      2. Hijab just come to Nigeria by time Boko Haram arrived Nigeria.NNigeria.Nigeria Muslims have our way of dressing before hijab and it was very okay.
        By the time Boko Haram came to Nigeria, their intentions was to bring problem between Christian’s and Muslim but God disagreed.
        Not that they love Nigeria Muslims but in order to achieve their hiding agenda.
        Therefore I speak to Nigerians to let love one another and see each other as one family, that is the only way to conquer the evils agents brought to this country by the devil through some leaders.

    2. Islam is never and can never be a complete religion. Islam claimed to be promoting peace and love, that is not true. The most violent religion in the world today is Islam. Deadly set of people in the world, proclaiming to be fighting for their gods. There should be glint of peace in the without Islam as a religion. Calling a religion that is perfect in killing human being, raping and kidnapping all in the name of fight for their gods a complete religion. May God have mercy on Islamic world and bring His fullness of His knowledge here on earth.

      1. Don’t worry You would confirm the ttuth by ur death bed and by the way walk around the world and see more hacov some Christian leaders have committed in the name of Jesus you would know better that Christianity can’t save you lost soul

      1. Wearing hijab is not the only ways to dress as a Christian there are better ways to dress

        If we follow the bible teachings

      2. This is the time the christian will preach hijab to be part of school uniform from elementary to university . Thanks

    1. She should stop deceiving herself, wearing hijab for women is a commandment from God. So she is the one copying Muslims. Tell her to revert to Islam before it is too late because Islam is the true religion of God

      1. Why are we deceiving our selves. Christian or Muslim, ijhab or not. Religion is not the problem, we are just wicked people. Our leaders, are they not either Christian or Muslim and yet wehawe this kind of economy. Check Japan, they didn’t carry religion like this yet they have better economy. Who is deceiving who.

  3. I am Muslim and strongly telling you to not talking about Islam which you don’t know it. Learn before you talk.

  4. If you say God told you to wear hijab ,which is a Muslim’s and in fact Holy Maryam ‘a (Mary Jesus’s mother s attire, ) Then God is simply telling you to be a Muslim as the only religion acceptable by him,
    There is no way around it . period

    1. Hijab is a Jewish attire that is Jesus birth place that’s why Christians in the Bible makes use of it before the west introduces their own, just like today the has made people to think that Christianity is just come as you are! That what is necessary is your heart to God, they forget that what you Wear speaks who you are…

  5. Hijab was for Christians , they didn’t take it seriously and the Muslim took over it. So it’s for both religion.

    1. If hijab is for both religion then practice it and inform your family, friends and those of the same faith do the same. Thanks

  6. God sent Adam, Noah, …. Christ to Muhammad peace be upon him with common massage that is to preach the oneness of God. The religioun of God is the same, the teaching are same, way of leaving, behaviors, mode of dressing are all the same. Madam and all those that listen to this accept Islam and become Muslim as the only way to salvation. Ooh God, via me witness that I have conveyed your massage

  7. Many people don’t know that hijab is part of catholics ( sisters) dress. It is not what Allah commands but part of catholic dress, Mohamed copy it.

    1. Just like he copied the chaplet prayer [in addition to much of the Old Testament of the Bible] from his Roman Catholic wives numbering 9 out of a total of 27. I guess that plagiarism was during the first millennium not yet a literary offence!
      A former merchant, albeit intellectually endowed, was lucky that Khadijah, one of those 9 wives, was wealthy enough to fund his full-time writing career during which he discovered the “complete religion”. ‘Nuff said.

  8. Alhamdulillah Muhammad or Jesus never copied they both from d same origin d same master ,same message from same creator so of course don’t expect difference in their teachings except we humans decide to change their teachings.may Allah guide u to d true faith and teachings of Christ ;islam

  9. There are people in these world that are inwardly fanatical. God is telling those who said they’re born again Christians that He will use Muslims mode of dressing to judge them,especially the women. Learn in time & respond wisely. You can’t be born again & be exposing your breast,shape & dressing seductively. Its an act of abomination. Even when the weather is hot,they still cover every part. But,worldly believers refused to copy same. Repent before its late to repent. A word is enough for the wise.

  10. Sister G.O.mummy whether you like it or not,the veil , wimple or hijab are Muslims and Islam dress code.
    Stop being hypocritical, Jesus Christ was never a Christian but a Muslim.
    Christianity is fake.

    1. Jesus Christ was not a Muslim, his disciples proclaimed his gospel and boldly said they were Christians

  11. God almighty is the God of Abraham who is the father of Iail and Isaac, Abraham is the father of both of them God did not forsake ismals race he Godof the two lineage. The Jewish believers dress in hijab till today
    This is a confirmation that both religion are to bring is close to almighty God
    It is just a language difference and the significant facy that Jesus Christ came to die as a sacrifice for all mankind for the cleansing of sin. The Quran made it clear that every Muslim must believe in Jesus Christ has being sent by God. Really, there is sense in any form of fight over religion because God did not give us religion as a guarantee to make heaven rather He want us to live peacefully in love with our neighbours and renowns idol worshipping, occultism but worship God alone.

    1. You are very correct my sister. Both lineage are from Father Abraham, in fulfilment of the prophecy. Quarelling about superiority of religion is pointless.

  12. Mind you Muslim never copy veil wearing form the christians, but commanded by God to do so. Mind your misleading utterance in the public and do critical research on religion for better understanding.
    Soonest you will dream of the truth‼️.


  14. Islam is complete 💯. Thanks , you have just confirmed that is good habit. Hope others will copy from you to reduce some type of evils as caused by women. Keep your faith, no body ask you to change and or to believe in Islam.

  15. God who spoke to you to change your dressing was asking you to change your faith, have you ever seen a real Muslim exposing herself? Don’t die without accepting Islam!

  16. Is there no decent way Christian women dressed to cover their body shape apart from this hijap u have chosen to wear?

  17. Sister Cate, please complete the process by becoming a full Muslim woman. Just imagine, no body would term you to be a Christian in such a beautiful Muslim dress. Please convert to Islam at once and continue to dress in such an amazing manner.

    I pray that Allah guides you to the right path as a great Muslim lady, ameen Ya Rabbi.

  18. Islam is a complete way of life. ALLAH has placed his signs everywhere as evidenced in this lady’s choice of dressing. Bear in mind her reason is in conformity to the ethics of Islam/sane society.


  20. Many Christians live in HYPOCRISY, that is why the book of revelation talks about the APOSTATE church.
    This woman in her speech adored muslims, saying that muslim women were told to wear hijab so not to seduce men. Now, who in earth amo6the two religions Islam a d Christianity ‘re 90% terrorists,? The answer is islamic countries.
    Who amongst the two religions of islam and Christianity ‘re ambitious of dominating the world with their religion by the use of FORCE? again, it’s muslims. Then I ask madam Kate or whatever she calls her name, where then is the holiness in islam you ‘re mounting about here?
    Your backside as you said is big, that is why you wear islamic hijab, veil, or stuffing coverings, if your claims is anything to ho bye, then, 50%of men who on daily bases sees women on the street, markets places and offices Yash would have been in hellfire by now.
    Secondly, before you realise you have huge backside, thousands of men who beholden you Yash would have a died and ‘re hellfire bound.
    Your face madam Kate ‘re not so attractive, neither your the color of your skin nor your facial build, none ‘re fascinating.
    If you ‘re a truly what you said your backside is, let’s see it, forget who goes to hell or heaven afterwards. Let the public be the ones to tell you to cover it because it’s too tempting.

  21. The Bible say you must bee born again expect you are Born again you can not enter in to the kingdom of God been religious can never take you to heaven been born again is not by confession alon you must Life a separeted life form the world and his evils which only Jesus can give u Grace to do so my people let stop this argument and asepet Jesus as our Lord and savior May God help us in Jesus name amen

  22. Sister Catherine u are just wasting ur time not knowing what to do.We have lots of Godly women who are married and God has blessed them with beautiful back side,and they don’t care what people may say abt their back side.Some are wives of ministers of. God .So go and get married so that ur husband can. enjoy u.And
    so that men will stop chasing u.

  23. This way of dressing originated from the Israelites where Christianity came through Jesus our savior. The Islam claim of Abraham also made them copy that type of dressing.

  24. Worshipping and obeying ALMIGHTY GOD should not be a COMPETITION between Christianity and Islam, but rather doing the SIMPLE WILL of the CREATOR. Dressing to please GOD is not CULTURAL but any dressing that SATISFIES the REQUIREMENTS OF ALMIGHTY GOD.

  25. Good day sister Catherine there are better ways you can dress modestly without attracting men so l would advise you to further seek God’s consent on how to please Him .

  26. All of you should repent and accept JESUS Christ as your personal Lord and Savior ,He said IAM the way , to truth and the life no man can come to the father but by me, He die and rise up on the third day so accept JESUS Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and you shall be saved.

  27. Mummy G.O or what you called yourself this is way of muslims dressing just let us know if you want to be a Muslim
    Coz I don’t think wearing of hijab they inside bible verses…..

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