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Soldiers Caught Hiding as Armed Robbers Successfully Attack 4 Banks in Edo (Video)

A viral video has revealed the moment armed robbers attacked six banks in Edo and made away with bags of money while soldiers hide.

Nigerians were left in sh0ck after a video showing how a gang of armed robbers invaded six banks in Edo state in a broad day light surfaced on the internet.

According to source, the incident happened on Thursdays afternoon at Uromi, Esan North-East Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.

Caption on the video shared on Instagram has it that, the assailants successfully robbed about 4 banks within hours unchallenged.

It was gathered that throughout the few hours of operation, the robbers successfully invaded multiple banks and made away with bags of money despite the presence of Nigerian soldiers.

In the trending video, some members of the armed gang could be seen coming out of Union bank with bags suspected to be filled with cash and two army men captured in a hidden place to evade the wrath of the criminals.

Reports have it that Union bank alone has suffered several attacks more by armed robbers in the country. Repeated attack on one of its branches in Ondo community led management to shut it down

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