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Reactions As Morocco Police Beat More Than 600 Black Immigrants To Death Others Injured

Nigerian politician and former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, Accused Morocco’s security forces of using “unjustified” violence against migrants trying to force their way through a border fence between the North African country and the Spanish.

According to him;


This barbaric slaughter took place in Morocco.

The Gendarmerie Royale are an elite wing of the Morrocan security forces.

Look at what they have done to our African brothers?

Can this be justified?

This is what black Africans have been reduced to & no-one cares.

We must and will expose this great evil that these Arabs are subjecting us to.

If this was done to Americans it would spark off World War 3 but we are utterly powerless.

What a shame!

Pls share as widely as possible.


Watch Some of the Video Below:

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