Please Don’t Allow A POS Agent to Do These 3 Things for You For Security Reasons

POS center is now located in every street. You don’t need to visit banks to do your daily transaction again, just visit the POS center and do any transaction you wish to do but you need to be very careful when you visit the POS agent to withdraw. However, it is very hard to fix out fraudsters amongst POS agents.

Fraudsters are developing new strategies every day to withdraw money from people’s bank account. They are now involved in the POS business to get customers’ ATM card information. they will open a small shop, employ a salesgirl that will be helping them in stealing customers’ ATM card information and be paying her a huge salary. But if you are security-conscious, you will not fall victim.

I get to know methods fraudsters are using because I’m a POS agent that always welcomes fraudulent cases from my customers. Please for security reasons, don’t allow a POS agent to do these three things for you.

1. Please, Don’t Allow POS agent to Enter your ATM PIN For you.

Some POS agents will ask for your ATM PIN to enter it for you. Please make sure you entered your PIN by yourself. The reason is that some POS machines have been specially configured to store ATM card numbers, but they can’t store your Pin. The agent can get your PIN if he helped you to enter it.

2. Please, Don’t allow the POS agent to use his Android Phone to withdraw for you.

Some POS agents will tell you there is no network on their terminals and they will use their android phones to withdraw for you. Let me tell you want you don’t know about those online platforms POS agents are using as an alternative to withdraw money for customers when there is no network on their POS machines. Those online platforms store ATM cards information. However, If you allow an agent to use his android phone to withdraw for you, your ATM card information will be stored on his android phone. One day fraudsters will just use your ATM card to buy goods online. if there is no network on his POS machine, collect your ATM card and leave.

Please, Don’t Allow a POS agent to lodge a Dispense error Complaint to your bank on your behalf.

If you have a dispense error while using a POS machine to withdraw, I will advise you to go to the bank by yourself to complain. A POS agent will ask for your card details to complain to your bank on your behalf. He will send your bank details to your bank on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Once his social media got hacked by hackers, the money in your bank is not saved anymore.

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