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People Run For Their Lives As Unknown Gunmen Emerges At Enugu State To Enforce Sit At Home Order

The viral news this afternoon is the ongoing chaos in Enugu state, which portrayed some people running away for their lives as Unknown Gunmen Surfaced at Enugu State to Enforce Sit At Home Order.

This news was reported by BBC News broadcast on their Facebook platform on Monday 10th of January 2022.

According to them, they reported that Enugu state is in Chaos as unknown Gunmen emerged to enforce the Sit at home order.

People were seen running away from the streets to their homes as their is a continues shooting by the Unknown Gunmen.

People have already deleted the idea of Sit At Home from their mind after a long time of peace in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Aside Imo State the den of ESN and the Unknown Gunmen, other eastern states in Nigeria have been living peace thinking that the idea of sit at home in the eastern part of Nigeria is a past tense.

It came as a very big Surprise to the citizens of Enugu State as Unknown Gunmen emerged suddenly from nowhere shorting sporadically on Monday, 10th of January 2022.

According to BBC news Igbo they revealed that the event is hot at Coal City, Giriki and other areas in Enugu State.

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