‘Our Big Sister Is 28 Years Old And A Man Is Asking To Marry Her But She’s Been Postponing It,’ Blessing reveals

Popular Nigerian celebrity Nikiruka Okoro best known as Blessing CEO is a certified relationship expert/ therapist, brand ambassador/ influencer, and social media personality. A few hours ago she took to her official Facebook page to share a new post as she says “Our Big Sister is 28 Year Old & Someone Is Asking Her In Marriage But She’s Postponing It”.

According to her, she said that their older sister is now 28 years and a tutor has come for her hand in marriage but she seems to have postponed it because of her past experiences and the fact that she had a child when she was 17 years. Furthermore, she said that her uncle and mother however took care of them until her sibling got to the age of 20 however the baby felt sick and died when he turned 3 years after he could not respond to several medications and treatment and as a result, she (Sister) became depressed and became pained.

Moreso she said that her sister is a graduate and she is working in Abuja and right now she is in a relationship with someone as she affirms that where they need the help is whether it is necessary for her to still inform the guy that she once had a child or not. Secondly, she noted that her sister is afraid that she may lose the love and respect the man has for her and take advantage of it in the future.

Thirdly, she stated that she will like to know if there is any possibility that the man will find out what had happened later and decide not to have trust in her again. In conclusion, she said that they are pleading to everyone to kindly advise on what can be done now because her sister’s introduction ceremony is coming up by next week.

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