Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old? TikTok Video On Eldest Person To Ever Live Real Or Fake?

The videos of the oldest woman alive on earth are going viral on Tiktok, which claims she is 399 years old.

Tiktok is a platform for entertainment, but viewers get to see the weirdest things in the world. Some may be real, while some are illusions created by the content creators.

Currently, a user has uploaded a video of the oldest woman, who is said to have lived for around three centuries. Let’s explore some details about it.

Fact Check: Is The Oldest Woman Alive 399 Years Old?

The fact-check video of the oldest woman, who is said to have been alive for 399 years, is going viral on the internet. However, the legitimate person who is certified as a person who has lived for the longest years is Kane Tanaka of Japan.

She lived until she was 124 years old. She holds a Guinness world record for living a long life that is nearly impossible for any human.

However, some photos and videos have emerged several times on social media, which had claimed that there is someone else who has lived longer than her.

One time a series of photos of an old woman surfaced on the internet, which claimed that she had lived for 217 years. However, it was later known that the pictures were fake.

People have questions about the recent viral video of an old woman. Some users do not believe that a human can remain alive for 399 years. Yet, at the same time, some are just awed because the video is somehow convincing.

The woman in the video looks like she may have lived so many years as her skin has almost seemed white in the video. But, the surprising part is she can still move on her own.

The Tiktok video on the eldest person to live is trending online. The video emerged after @Briar_Cares uploaded a video claiming she is 399 years old.

However, the video comes from another user who is likely to be a Thai. It seems the woman in the video is a nun in one of the Thai temples.

A video showing her identity card of her early days seems to claim that she was born in 1913. Although the language in the video is not understandable, some users commented that she was born in 1913 and is 109 years old now

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