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Notorious Repented Armed Robber Leaves Prison With Two Certificates

repentant armed robber, Udo-Etuk Utuk, has expressed regrets over his involvement in criminal activities which led to his incarceration in the Uyo Correctional Centre for about five years.

Utuk, who hailed from Oku Iboku in the Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, was convicted for robbery but regained his freedom last Saturday after completing his jail term.

The Public Relations Officer of the Uyo Correctional Centre, Ogbajie Ogbajie, in a statement, said the released inmate advised young people to avoid behaviour that could bring take them to prison.

Before the release of the ex-convict, the Officer-in-Charge of the Uyo Correctional Centre, Assistant Controller of Corrections, Julius Ogueri, described Utuk as an ‘embodiment of the correctional service,’ adding that he showed remorse and presented himself for rehabilitation within the number of years he spent in custody.

Ogueri said, “Due to a paradigm shift, the Nigerian Correctional Service has placed more emphasis on reformation, rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders back to the society as productive citizens.

The ex-offender came into custody as a novice with no prior academic record or skill, but today, he is going out with a first school leaving and trade-test certificates, which he acquired in custody and he said he would start a plantain plantation in his community.”

Utuk appreciated Ogueri and officers and men of the correctional service for assisting him through counselling and skill acquisition programmes which enabled him to get reformed, rehabilitated and reintegrated back into society.

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