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Nigerian Male Pastor Wears High Heels during Church Services (Video)

Photos of a male pastor who is used to wearing high heels in the church have caused a commotion on the internet
The unidentified pastor is seen in one of the photos ministering on a lectern in his feminine footwear.

Many people have wondered what may have inspired the man’s fashion sense, while others found it weird
High heels is a shoe type with heels raised high off the ground and is unusual to be worn by men, but a male pastor would argue otherwise.

The pastor whose identity is still unknown as of the time of making this report has become an internet sensation after photos from his church services were shared on social media.

His church members seem comfortable with his choice of footwear

In what has come as a surprise to many people, the male pastor rocks high heels proudly and seems to have more than two of the shoe type as emerging photos indicated.

Like something he has become used to, the heels-wearing man is seen in one of the snaps interacting comfortably with a woman who appeared to be of need.

Netizens noted that his church members seemed to be comfortable with his footwear choice, a conclusion arrived at from photos that were shared online.

Watch Video below:

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