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My Uncle’s Mother Was A Witch And She Tried To Ruin His Life After He Traveled Abroad -Ifa Priest Laments (Video)

Prince Olusegun Aladekoye, an Ifa priest and a traditional medicine expert, recently spoke concerning how some Nigerians face spiritual battles abroad. During his recent interview with Asabe TV, Aladekoye narrated how his uncle’s mother flew to a foreign country to hinder the victim’s progress abroad.

The Holy Bible says, “a man’s enemies will be the members of his household” (Matthew 10:36). A priest recently revealed how family members could be behind a person’s life ordeals regardless of their location.

Narrating his uncle’s ordeal, Aladekoye said, “People who think they can escape from spiritual battles through relocating to another country are unwise. I recall my uncle’s ordeal. My uncle gained a scholarship to study abroad. However, his mother was a witch, and my uncle had a closer relationship with his father as his mother disliked him. My uncle’s mother thought about the development, and she concluded that it was better to ruin his journey abroad.

She would fly to the roof on my uncle’s residence at night and cause him to forget everything he had learned. She often went in a bird’s form, and the bird repeated a sound that means ’emptiness’ in the Yoruba language. My uncle had to reach out to his father at some point when he kept failing his school examinations despite his efforts. Fortunately, his father was also spiritually powerful”.

Narrating further, Aladekoye added, “My uncle’s father buried some offerings inside a rock on his son’s behalf. The woman eventually purged and confessed her actions. My uncle is more than 100 years old today, but he has not forgiven his mother’s actions. The mother has passed away. It is easier to spiritually deal with people living abroad”.

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