My Mother Has Warned Me Not To Get Pregnant For My Husband Because- Woman Narrates

My Mother Has Warned Me Not To Get Pregnant For My Husband Because- Woman Narrates

Right from the beginning, my mother wanted me to marry a certain man because of his money. I told her politely, “I can’t marry this man. I don’t love him and I don’t see myself marrying someone I don’t love. Again, he’s way older than I am. I can’t marry him.” She insisted. Sh

e did all within her power to make me settle with that man but I didn’t succumb to her pressure. When the time was right, I introduced the one I wanted to marry to her and that was when the issue started.

She said no to us. She said she wouldn’t agree for us to get married. My dad was receptive. He was happy for me and encouraged me to go ahead with the marriage. My mom and my dad are no longer married. They got divorced long ago and have been living apart since then.

With encouragement from my dad and other siblings and our pastor, we decided to go ahead with the marriage. At a certain point, she came around and even decided to help sew my wedding dress and all the other costumes. We set a date for the wedding but due to delays from her end, we had to postpone the wedding. We fixed another date and when that date was also approaching, she said she was sick and will not be able to finish sewing the dresses for our wedding. We asked her, “So what date do you think would be favorable for you?” She chose a new date for us. God being so good, we were able to have a beautiful wedding on the said date that she chose.

After marriage, she started warning me not to get pregnant anytime soon. I asked, “How is that possible? I’m married now and the next thing is to bear children for my husband, so why shouldn’t I?” She said, “Remember the building you’re putting up for me. Finish that one first before children come in to distract you.” I started that building long ago before marriage. When my husband also came into the picture, I discussed it with him and he also agreed to come on board for us to complete it quickly. It had never occurred to me that giving birth will distract me from that building. If anything, we are committed to finishing it so she can move in as soon as possible. That day when she raised that view, I told her, “You have nothing to worry about. We’ll finish it for you.”

Right after our honeymoon, I got pregnant. She wasn’t happy when she got to know about the pregnancy. She never hid her displeasure. She woke up each day talking about how disappointed she was about my pregnancy. One day, right in front of her, I miscarried the pregnancy. She saw it with her eyes and knew the pain I was going through. I was devastated but there was nothing I could do. Right after the miscarriage, she started warning me again not to try to get pregnant. I didn’t care about her warnings.

One day I traveled to where my husband is stationed. But before going there, I passed by my mother’s place, spent a night there before going to my husband’s place. When I told her where I was going, she said, “Be careful you don’t go and get pregnant again. You have a project to accomplish. Finish that one for me first before you think about pregnancy.” I went to my husband’s place and came back. Another time, my husband came to visit me. I was in the room with him when my mother called me on the phone. She heard the voice of my husband and asked me, “I can hear voices. Who is that?” I said, “My husband is here.” Her mood changed immediately. She started ranting, “I’ve told you over and over again and I will repeat today. You better not get pregnant. You have to finish the building first.” She sounded like a broken record so I didn’t mind her.

Five months after the miscarriage, I got pregnant again. And again, I got a miscarriage. I cried. I was totally shattered. I asked myself, “How long is this going to continue?” I called my mom and told her I had miscarried again. I asked her, “Did you go through the same thing when you were young? Is there anything—any medications at all I could use to prevent these series of miscarriages?” She got angry. It was her first time knowing about that pregnancy so she made a case out of it; “Why do you have to get pregnant when I had told you in a clear language that you shouldn’t get pregnant until the project is done? You don’t want me to go and live in my new house? Why don’t you listen to me?”

It was all about her and the new house she desires to live in. Somehow I could understand her concerns. Where she’s currently staying is not comfortable at all. She needs to relocate and I understand her but if anything, it’s the same house she had lived and raised us for the past ten years so living in it for a couple of years wouldn’t change anything or hurt anyone. But this woman is using it as a reason for me not to get pregnant. My husband wants kids. Currently, kids are everything that would make him happy. I can’t deprive my husband of his happiness all because of a new building we have to put up.

I brushed her complaints and nagging aside and went ahead to get pregnant again. Currently, I’m three months pregnant. I haven’t told her anything about the pregnancy. I’ve told my dad about it and my elder brother also knows about it. We’ve all agreed not to tell my mom about it. My dad warned, “Never in your life tell your mom about this one until you deliver.”

“Until you deliver,” That’s where the problem lies. She’s my mother. Regardless of everything, she still remains my mother and I can’t keep her in the dark until the baby arrives. It will spark chaos and that chaos may spread through my marriage. I don’t want that to happen in my marriage. The last time she told me, “If you go ahead and get pregnant and later deliver, you better not bring that baby to where I live now. Know also that I won’t come to your house to help take care of the baby. First things first.” That threat didn’t bother me a lot. My mother-in-law is a loving person. She’s way over the moon about this pregnancy. When we asked her to come around when I deliver, she gleefully accepted and told us she couldn’t wait to come and live with us.

The problem now is whether or not to tell my mom about the pregnancy. I’m in between a rock and a hard place now. If I tell her, trouble. If I don’t tell her until delivery too she will make a huge issue out of it and make my life a living hell.

I’m confused. My husband and I don’t know what to do. We know what that woman is capable of doing when she gets to hear about a baby without getting to hear about the pregnancy that brought up the baby. She’s my mother and I love her regardless. But this one is beyond me. Kindly advise me on what next to do.

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  1. Ma the truth is that, since when you tell her, and you are facing trouble better to tell this time around. Until you have deliver the baby safely, again back yourself with prayers or find a very strong man of God to pray with you. I repeat do not let her go know. Until you have deliver the baby..

    1. Go to the church where they will deliver u from your mother.
      Or go in to prayer by yourself. Tell God to rescue u from your mum, pray day and night.
      You will see work of God.

      1. You have your life to live.please don’t tell her and pray for God’s protection over you and your husband.

    2. Your husband’s happiness is better than your mother’s happiness now that you are married. A good mother should be after your own happiness in marriage and not to distract your peace with some unnecessary demands that are inclined with evil motive. From all indications, she has been bought over by evil forces to frustrate your lovely home. Don’t tell her. You and your husband should start prayers of agreement with the support of your dad and your strong men of God and maintain the fire frequency of your prayers even after putting to bed,let prayers be part of your life. Who knows, may be God allowed this temptation to come your way in order to wake you from spiritual slumber.

    3. If it’s a baby you want choose the way that will lead to a safe delivery of your baby…
      But if you want a miscarriage you know who to tell to achieve it….
      & don’t come back here to tell us your story if you choose a wrong path that will lead you to another miscarriage…
      Thank you,


    4. It’s unfortunate that you can’t read the bold hand writing of God on the wall. I agree you love your mom dearly like every other person, but your husband’s happiness should be paramount and Supreme more than your mom’s. Do you need to be told that your mom ws responsible for all your numerous miscarriages? Why must you joke with your marriage. Your husband can only bear with you for a while and I think he has done enough. If you don’t decide to click to your husband, I’m afraid my dear, sooner or later you will move out of his house to your mom while your husband will marry a wife of his own. I don’t like nonsense.

      1. It’s true what you’re saying but you’re not in her situation and maybe you haven’t experienced what she’s sharing. Just like any other human being, she needs to be loved and to be cared for. Kindly don’t judge her for you never know what she is actually going through currently in the ground.

  2. Dear you better heed to the warning before your mom turned you to a witch before your husband family.

  3. The decision is yours to make but it seems your mum has other reasons why she’s against you marrying your husband. I’ll advise you to heed your dad’s advice. Your happiness and peaceful home should be a good mother’s priority

    1. Seek the face of God in this matter! Ur mother knew u r pregnant and she is waiting for u 2 inform her to terminate it! Pray 4 God’s Grace and Mercy upon U & ur husband and the new baby! Talk to God to see u through. Worship Him, God & let JESUS & Jesus Christ BLOOD protect you, husband and the uniborn baby IJN AMEN! Pst Dr Ogbonna C Remigius npm, au, PhD Handwriting Expect. Dip Pholosophy!!!!

      1. If the Lord has blessed you, why not complete the building for her after all she is your mother. Please come down to her level of understanding. If you don’t have the means for now, still do the little you can on the building ( Work in progress). Just let her see you are not neglecting her request. But also pray very well while doing all these.

      2. My dear don’t end up like your mum divorced. I wonder what you still do there. 3 miscarriage or so and you still live on there. On broad day light you let blindness cover you. Please let the wrote forward to her this advise from people. You need psychotherapy to help you deal with what happens to your mum or how to break from her blunt passive hatred. Borderline should be curb. Creat boundary she dod with you dad. Do same.

        1. Your mother is a witch craft,if you like tell her again and you will have miscarriage,if you’re in doubt try it and see, if your father gives you details of her, you will know why he divorced her.

          1. All I have to say is that you don’t let her know and keep praying but at same time give attention to the building of the house if there is money then you can finish it before you give birth to your baby that there will less problem for you

        2. You knew what has caused three miscarriages in your life, then you come here telling us you love your mom blablabla.
          If you wanna miscarriage again, go tell her and next your husband will go fuck someone else who delivers for him with no sweat.

      3. U know what dis no longer like motherly love u ‘re been bewitched by ur so called mum before she takes advantage of ur ignorance u had better get up from ur slumber and go into spiritual war against d powers swallowing that have been swallowing ur babies u know u don’t even need a suit sayer to tell u that ur mum is d one responsible for all d misfortunes u av been going through it is written in exodus 22 verses 18 it reads suffer not a witch to live what ‘re d characteristics of a witch dis is one of it whatever that stands as an embargo to ur next level,promotion,breakthrough, ur pregnancy, ur new song an so onis an enemy so all u av to do is to go into warfare prayers against any power or personlity raging against d joy of ur fruitfulness command it to loose their holds and die why praying dis u don’t mention names when u do it becomes witchcraft prayers so enter a convenant with God and sow a battle seed for that pregnancy u ‘re carrying now else ít may repeat again until u stop that power they may stop u if u did not act fast keep ur mouth there ‘re aborters of testimony stop telling ur father,mother,brothers sisters beco’s right now every body is a suspects that is d spiritual law like for ur mum stay away all through all ur pregnancies until u ‘re done having all ur babies u can shethen settle with her but for stay clear is an household enemy to u a mother that is greedy who do not wish her children well is not a good mother a word they say is enough for d wise

    2. Mtcheww is like u dont love yourself… Ur mom is abara meji which ur dad no about… But ur dad cant reveal it to u for families not to dismantle…is better u hide the pregnant till u deliver and be prayerful

      May Almighty Allah help u AMEN

      1. Be careful when advising . I want to belive that you are a Muslim. How do you know for sure that her Mum responsible for her problem? The woman just need to be prayerful and depend on Allah alone. Period .

      2. This is u and God matter ur own dicision the bible father and mother may forsake me but God never say my husband may forsake God rates ur home higher than ur parents I

        1. Why tell her? She don’t love and does not have you at heart, so because she’s your mother you will forsake your happiness for her, your life is just starting and your mother don’t want your happiness all because of a building, well I don’t trust her be wise around her and consider your husband as well, he’s not complaining doesn’t make a foolish husband. Reason wisely.

      3. This story does not make any sense, it’s a fabricated story. Meanwhile, simply go and start completing the building for her as the work is going on she can be made known of the pregnancy. Thank you

  4. The decision is yours to make but it seems your mum has other reasons why she’s against you marrying your husband. I’ll advise you to heed your dad’s advice. Your happiness and peaceful home should be a good mother’s priority

  5. This is a very very dicy situation,but my candid advise will be that you deliver and let her know the trouble definitely won’t be like the one you will face from ur hubby and his family.

  6. Sorry to say dis it’s like Yu mum is diabolical,its is very necessary to work with God in dis Yu marriage blcos devil is only out to devour and distroy.pls if Yu must tell her fine a true man of God that will help Yu people through prayers to de mysterify dis strange occurance and who might be behind dis.

  7. Foolish and ignorance is not an excuse at all in this world we live in.Better tell someone to tie you’re legs and glue your mouth shut because I will not be the one to tell you that’s your mom had other hidden agenda apart from her house completed. Stay clear of your mother till you put to birth that’s all.

  8. What you need is a real soiditua6 education and discipline. So with all these things happening, hasn’t it occurred to you that what is going on may be beyond the physical?
    So firstly go for a medical examination to check if the problem has to do with a physical matter. Then avoid unnecessary stress ( that’s on your own part). Thirdly sit up and take charge in Prayers. I didn’t say prayer House. If you and your husband are Christians, you hold hands together and continually pray with fasting and studying of God’s word.
    Meanwhile I will advise you keep the information to Yourself. To be on the safe side, you shouldn’t have told anybody yet…. Then probably when you are satisfied within you and your husband, you prayerfully tell them

  9. To me probably d house has a course placed on it so just complete the building for her if u have d means

  10. Similar things like yours is happening to me as well, any pregnant that my mother is aware of me must be miscarried, anyone that she is mot aware of i will deliver it successfully, it is obviously two times I carried twins pregnant to visit my mother and she will be calling to know how far but the first twin I miscarried it at 24weaks and the second one I miscarried it at 28week plus in which she is aware, and if she heard she will just act as if you had children you will not take care of me, so since then, I don’t need to be told before hiding myself from her that one doesn’t stop me from doing responsibility as a daughter, so back to yours please soak yourself with serious prayers, untill you deliver don’t let her know about this pregnant its because god loves you that is why you are having pregnant on time my elder sister is there since her own no sign of pregnant uptill now, if you deliver and she refuse to come let her be your mother in-law also is in position to take care of you, there is nothing you can do to please wicked people. A word is enough for the wise.

    1. Don’t tell her, your mom is hiding under the house to witch you. Any mother that is not happy for her ‘married’ daughter pregnancy is a witch.

  11. Maybe your mother is responsible for your miscarriages…my sister,stay strong and try your best not to let your mother know about the pregnancy 👶👶.

  12. Building is not her reason at all, because you refuse to marry the one she like, that’s all about it. For this reason the bible said live your mother and father and click to your husband or wife, doesn’t mean that you will deny them at all, but must not abide by any sort of the advice. Pls please yourself and husband, for the children is the joy of any parents. Thank you

    1. Hey you better wake woman, you married your husband not your mother, as for this your pregnancy don’t ever tell your mother cos if you do it be same miscarriage, and let me tell you your mum is a witch cos no mother will be against her daughter from getting pregnanct in her husband home child bearing is a mother pride that her daughter is married, the so call (omugwo) is a witch thing of joy every mother need it, so if your own dos nt need it she is a complete witch.

    2. My own advice is since you got pregnant twice, told your mom twice and lost your babies twice, try this third time not telling her and see if you will still lose your baby. Then if no miscarriage and your deliver safely…use your head!!

  13. Right now you have to listen to your dad, for he knows your mom better than you. Don’t tell your mom about the the pregnancy, for how many will it happen until you use your tongue to count the number of your teeth. I don’t have much to but a word is enough for the wise

  14. Devil get behind me, I’m still surprised calling this woman mama,she is a real devil 👿 in human form if I can call her, how can she be so wicked to her own daughter hmmmmm this madam that brought this complain here nawaoo for you ooo, I know mother’s love for children and children for mother but this woman she is not worth calling mother again,she is better called devil, please madam forget about her and dy ur dy if she want to die let her die

    1. What happened she didn’t build her house , didn’t she see some women who build n still train her children? She will end up making you to be unhappy with ur husband and end in divorce like her n then she will be happy

  15. Are you realistic? You tell someone, you lose your pregnancy and you still want to tell her!? Do you like your life at all? Moreover, try and finish the house and wash your hands of that your mother!! Never visit until you put to bed.

  16. My sister, I personally blame you for the second miscarried.
    You do you let a witch craft and blood socker like your mother to know about your family progress and happiness?
    Never you bring it to your mother’s notice that you are on your period talkmore of pregnant.
    She uses your baby blood to redeem her depts in their kingdom.
    But today my dear it is over in your life.
    God and Devil has nothing in common.

    Do fasting 6 _10 daily for 3
    With these:
    Psalm 51, 35, 91
    Isaiah 51 v 1 _ 10.

    While on your prayer ask God to complete his work upon your life and tell him that you were born by your mother and she answered a mother by having you.
    Why your own will be different.
    Give God a promise of anything you can do for him in church as an appreciation when you bear the number of children for your husband house.

    It is well with you my dear.

    1. I will advice you to be prayerful, wake up at night and pray, cry to the Almighty. Usually once a woman is married it becomes her priority to pray for her husband and her unborn children, so please take your dady’s advice and don’t let her know. May Allah guide and protect us, ameen.

  17. In the first place, ur Mom is evil she has been responsible for the miscarriages you have been having. Ur dad knew, but will not directly tell you this. So take his advice and that of your siblings. This your case is like a”tse tse fly perching on the scrotum of a man, if the man smacks it, he will have smashed his scrotum and there will pains/death, if he leave it to continue perching the fly will have done tremendous damage” So, do your best praying to God.

  18. I only belif your story is Fictional that reality, otherwise if it’s reality,you would understand that from the day you got married your affinity to your parents, mother or whatever you call has be reduced to 0.05%
    What you shu be concerned about is your husband home,his happiness,your children and your family
    , Note, spiritually you mainit realize if or what is responsible for all your misscarriage??
    Well,my advice is if you story is real?.,then stay off that Witch,call a Mother,she is a Monster, if your marriage, children and your family isn’t not her concerns,she is a Witch Period.

  19. My dear sister or daughter, never tell your mother who for no once felt a missing children around you due to a several miscarriages, it is a symbol of she is using you for a trading market and she has no full authority to determine who you will marry for it is a responsibility of both parent. As long as your father aware of your pregnancy, go ahead with your marriage because I can assure you that the moment or the day you informed her your pregnancy will surely come down again as usual. This is purely an indication that she is not interested in your marriage well being but her own well being that is why she kept telling you that you should go and finish her house building for her instead of been interested in you having a solid base through your own child bearing in your own husband place. Also there is a possibility that your mother is in a covenant with the earlier old or aged man that she firstly informed you to marry. But never mind God is on your side your recent pregnancy will not come down ijmn. You will carried it safely and delivered it safely in her presence, she will not die but live to witness your good days. Lastly she cannot do anything to you not your husband or child to be for I see God covering you up with his feather of protection over both known and unknown enemies like she or someone else. Thank

  20. You really don’t love yourself . You are so blind with living your mum but she does not live you. She if responsible for all your miscarriages and especially that you refused the man she wanted you to marry.
    Your mum does not care about the pain you go through when you miscarriage.
    She cared nothing for you.

    It seems you want to die . Go on and tell her and let her kill you again .

    Listen to all everyone is saying
    ….your mum wants nothing good for you. She will eat you dry and make your husband drive you away.

    Stop going to her
    Stop discussing about yourself and marriage with her .
    Then give your life to Jesus and dattend a church that believes in prayer . You need to get in to warfare
    It will be a tough battle with her but with God ,you will win.

  21. Don’t you know that your mother is not an ordinary person
    so to say you better run to JESUS for the safety of your husband the unborn baby and yourself in particular

  22. The best thing is not let no of her till you deliver safely
    She did not care about your happiness at all, all she care about is hers but depriving yours.
    Just forget her for now and live on…. and keep praying for God to make her understand that you also need happiness on your family and one day God will surely make her come Tru in Jesus name Amen 🙏❤️

  23. Please stay mute about the prego until delivery, if na me that’s what I’ll do…. Two miscarriages?? Omo use your head ooo

  24. If you love your husband and the baby in your womb be quiet for now before you cause yourself another pain. Meanwhile, prayer is the solution to all things. Hiding the baby in your womb is safer without telling her. God be with you

  25. Let ur consign be on you and husband to have a good happy family, just forget about who you called your mom or what.. But I know that the truth there will clear to you.. Like Yoruba proverbs says that….”if it’s ur right or left Eyes disturbing you what too do is to remove it so you can have a rest of mind”… God bless.

  26. Your mother is not a good woman better run for your life, she want what’s happened to her happen to you, give her a long distance.

  27. This woman is a foolish woman… and your husband is very unlucky.
    If you don’t ignore and run away from that your mother, she will bury you… and that is what she is planning.
    It is evident that she is a wicked woman.
    Repeat: if you don’t set yourself free from her, you will have more woeful stories to tell.
    Jesus can set you free… you had better find that help.

  28. My sister not all mother are mothers, you better be careful of your life. Your best and trusted friend is Jesus. Mothers fail but Christ never fail ooo

  29. My sis, the joy of carrying your baby, and the devastating pain of miscarriage are not same,l will suggest you don’t have to tell her.

  30. You have to chose between telling her and have miscarriage which may even you getting children as you want in future or born you child healthy and happy then apologize to her and reconcile later. Don’t fail to complete her house because you promised her. N/B:- Remember, if you continue having miscarriages as a result of telling your mother, at a long run, your husband will surely look for children from another woman outside or marry someone else and that your mother will be blaming you for marrying your husband.

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