My Husband Is A Thief, He Stoled Equipment Worth N18M From His Company, Should I Report Him- Woman Seek Advice

According to the woman, barely 4-months into the job, the husband carted away with a piece of equipment worth N18M, which she found at their house before getting complaints from her sister.

A woman is torn as she seeks advice on whether to expose her husband after he stole a piece of equipment valued at N18M from his workplace.

According to the woman in question who sought advice through a relationship adviser, her husband got the contract through her sister’s husband.

Barely 4-months into the job, the husband carted away with a piece of equipment worth N18M, which is she found at their house before getting complaints from her sister.

Read Her Narration Below;

“Please I need the best advice I can get in order not to hurt anybody. My elder sisters husband gave my husband a job. Her husband is a project engineer. My sister talked to the husband before he gave my husband the job. The contract will last for 4years. They’ve worked together for 4months.

I notice my husband steals company equipment and will sell it auction. I kept quiet. My sister complained to me that her husband is in a big mess. That they are looking for one electrical equipment worth 18million. That equipment is very important to the company. With the name my sister called it, I decided to check for the picture on google. Could you believe Ceetee, I saw that thing in my house. I went straight to where I saw it but it’s no longer there.

I confronted my husband and he lied. Ceetee, if that thing is not provided, his company will be black listed. I don’t know if I should open up to my sister. But the after effect. My husband will be arrested and the relationship between us won’t be cordial again. And I’m very sure my husband will be sacked and hunger go kill my children and I. Please advice me.”


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  1. First you have to site down with him and talk him politely and then listen to what he has to say maybe you can find a solution

  2. Is quite unfortunate but report your husband to his family to return what he stole some one helps him to get that job if he refused report him to your sisters husband let him face his warrant that why people refuse to help there relative’s if you are thinking of your children what about your sisters family just only 4months 18m if he spent more time he will sell the company an the owner
    Oleeee, baraoooo thief oooooo

  3. It’s ok. You can report him if he refused your piece of advice to return back the equipment. Stealing is a Sin & a Crime & Couple should togather kick against it. However, you must prepare your mind, yourself & be truly prepared to suffer an abnormal set of Persecutions particularly your husband if he did not buy the idea of returning it. But if you do:. 1, Don’t you ever regret for not taking or being refused to or completely missing a share of the big value(N18m) of the theft. 2. This may surely cost you your life and/or definitely your Marriage. But again bear it as your own Cross for being honest, sincere & faithful to God & Humanity. Again don’t regret bcos you would have attempted &/or saved your husband’s Life. 3. You may or may not be rewarded by him, his Company or anybody on Earth for your good work, But God, your Father in Heaven has taken good note of what you have done. 4. You may have put an end and therefore saved your husband from a much more Bigger & Impending Doom in the Future. 5. Remember, you cannot be a True Christian without hearing some kind of a Cross. ,6. And if you’re not a Christian, you still have some Good Moral Marks to your Credit on the Judgement Day!

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