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My Brother Tried To Kill Me Because I Converted From Islam to Christianity What Happened Next Was A Miracles



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Fatima was born into a Muslim family in East Africa. When she embraced Christianity, she faced intense hostility from her family who saw her decision as an act of apostasy. “I never knew God loved me,” Fatima revealed, recounting how her life transformed after embracing the teachings of Jesus as her Lord and Redeemer.

Her family’s reaction was severe. “Sharia law demands anyone who converts from being a Muslim to a Christian shall be put to death,” she explained. This law mirrored the shame her family felt, viewing her conversion as a stain on their honor.


To protect this so-called honor, her eldest brother took drastic measures. He collaborated with local police to publicly attack her, intending to make an example of her. Fatima vividly recalled the harrowing event: “One day while in the town, the police grabbed me along with my brother. They surrounded me in public, and my brother began to beat me to death. I don’t know how I survived. The police surrounded me so no one would come to my aid.”

She was left crippled from the assault, abandoned to die. Despite her injuries, Fatima’s spirit remained unbroken. Years later, still coping with her disability, she met her future husband, a former Muslim who had also converted to Christianity. Together, they started conducting worship services in secluded areas and eventually built a small church.


Her faith not only brought physical healing but also emotional. “Jesus healed the wounds on my body and heart,” she stated, which even led to her becoming a mother. Fatima now focuses on supporting Muslim women in her community, “Now I am serving the Muslim women in our surrounding area around our church.

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God has brought great partnerships and is allowing my husband and I to build a large worship center for the believers here in this bush area,” she shared with hope and determination. Fatima’s journey is a poignant testament to the power of faith and resilience in the face of life-threatening adversity.

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