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Muslim Imam Converts To Christianity After Reading In Surah That Jesus Christ Is Coming Again

Muslim Imam Converts To Christianity After Reading In Surah That Jesus Christ Is Coming Again

I changed over from Islam to Christianity simply considering the way that Islam gives no attestation of salvation. Since Islam sees that Jesus is ‘the assertion of God’ so God “the Messiah in like manner the legend ( Surah 3 v 45).

Since Allah finds in the Qur’an that thoe who follow Jesus Christ (Christians)will be over the individuals who don’t follow Jesus Christ ( Muslims and others) until rebuilding ( surah 3 v 55).

Since Qur’an itself sees that Jesus Christ is without terrible conduct (unadulterated) (surah 19 v 19), while the Qur’an approaches Mohammed to demand of God for the vindication of his offenses ( surah 40 v 55). As opposed to Mohammed, Jesus has lived over 33 years while never coming up short.


I changed over considering the way that where Mohammed prescribes the executing of foes ( surah 9 v 5) Jesus Christ embrace esteeming them (Matthew 5 v 44).

Mohammed just affirmed,but Jesus Christ admitted his words with a wide extent of marvels and reconstructing of the passing.

I changed over considering how Mohammed is referencing that the Muslims go to Christians to get reality ( surah 10 v 94).

I changed over considering the way that ignoring Mohammed’s case to be the seal of the prophets,he is dead and will never return,but Jesus Christ whom I despised before kicked the compartment and restored and will return to battle the Antichrist ( in any event, as indicated by Islam).

I changed over considering the way that paying little heed to Jesus Christ being joined by two or three ladies, he didn’t endeavor to have s*x with them not at all like Mohammed who even busy with sexual relations with Zaynab the existence accomplice of his child Zaid, surah (33 v 37).

Likewise, other than considering the way that uptil this day,tye name Jesus passes on a wide extent of confinement not at all like the name of Mohammed. Since Mohammed sees that he hasn’t the foggiest where he and the Muslims will be after death surah ( 46 v 9).

I changed over considering the way that Mohammed says all Muslims will experience hellfire (surah 19 v 71) while Jesus Christ gives ceaseless life to the entirety of the individuals who come to him ( paradise) John 3 v 17.

I changed over considering the way that Jesus never trapped somebody to take something from him,while Mohammed claims war items surah (8 v 1).

I changed over considering the way that the introduction of Jesus Christ changed the entire world and not a framework and fundamentally more reasons.

So my kinfolk my sister,only Jesus Christ spares. He is the way,truth and life. Right when I was a Muslim,I believed in all that we were told about the Christians and the Bible and today that I changed into a Christian and read the Bible,I understand that what we were told is totally misinformed.

Jesus was never a Muslim,he is the friend requiring the world and He acknowledges you and prerequisites to spare you. Give your heart to him.

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  1. I wouldn’t want to be sentimental here but to profess the facts; in the only Q’RAN there is nothing like ‘ Surah ‘ anything refers to Surah means Chapter…so, all chapters have their names pls Mr writer think deeply before writing tanks.

    1. Before saying there is no surah type surah 10v71 on Google you will see it there and all the Bible verses quoted u will also see it there. Don’t argue blindly

  2. It’s a pity that you left light and go to darkness!!! You left Islam base on unclear excuses of yours, it better you repent and search for knowledge! you lack knowledge of Islam.

    1. Which knowledge do you have bro, you know that Islamic is a religion of darkness..

      ..you should repent or else hell os waiting for you

  3. You can’t be in darkness and expect somebody who has seen light to come back to darkness. I expect you to counter those “controversial” excerpts he alluded to in the Quran. I expected you to correct some of the verses and “contradictory” statements he made about your Quran. It goes to show that doubtless, the writer is right and knows what he is talking about. And that Muslims all over the world know the truth but choose to believe and spread lies.

  4. If he really read the Quran,he would understand that the real followers of Jesus are Muslims and not Christian. Because, Quran made it clear that Jesus is a good servant of God and not His son or God Himself. Let him seek for knowledge.

  5. Thank God for the salvation of your soul, Jesus loves you.. please my dear brother kindly go further to tell them more about Jesus Christ. God richly bless you abundantly 🙏🙏🙏

    1. My friend, Jesus was never a Muslim, Islam was founded by Mohammed while Jesus existed over one thousand before Mohammed came into being. It is also on record that Mohammed, his wife and brother founded Islam. So how could it be that Jesus is a Muslim? Stop deceiving your self that Jesus is a Muslim.

  6. Iam very sure that the writer did not convert to Christianity but unfortunately a Christian by accident of birth who is trying to make up wrong/falsified composition to impress his fellow Christian brothers and sisters and there by making Muslim reader to fell sorbal.
    You don’t even know how to falsify composition, in your write-up you keep mentioning “sural” which is very wrong way of giving quotation from QURAN, that along shows that you are a Christian by accident of birth and not by conversion because he/shew who has once be a Muslim shaitanically converted to Christian will know how to give quotation from QURAN by describing it as CHAPTER’S AND VERSE’S.

    So my brother we know your type, may ALMIGHTY ALLAH forgive you and guide you to the right religion(ISLAM).

    1. Your reply to the write up is baseless. I was reading your reply expecting to see your defence to those qoutations given. That entails Quran really said those things. Oh! How terrible and damnable it is to be of lslamic religion. Pity!

      1. Simply I want to clear it for. Allah said lah qumu deenikum waaliya deen. Meaning, to you belong your way and to me belong my way. Stop confusing people. If think you are safe in Christianity, be there coz am comfortable in my religion. God above all

    2. Why did people find it very difficult to ascertain the truth even when the truth are so clear. When will people cease to be in darkness? Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the light no one that accepted him ever or can ever walk in darkness, God in himself glorify in Jesus that is why he gave him a name that is above every other name Philippians 2 vs 9-10 . My little humble advice to you all sirs, if this man has read to the point of truth which no one of you read and accepted it. Why trying to obscure the light of wisdom n knowledge which God led him to acknowledge. Please search your quaran if there is truth on what this man say, accept the truth n be converted save your soul from eternal damation. Jesus is coming back again as judge n has a rewarder of those who diligently seek him, n Mohammed will never come back the way Jesus will. also know that Mohammed shall be judged by Jesus. repent today when there is life before it is too late.

    3. Jesus love you brother, can you go through the surah, chapter or verses as you mentioned and disprove the quotations? Light cometh to the world but ye despise it, May the Lord JESUS minister to you in all area and save your soul in Jesus name Amen.

    4. May bless you more Mohammed Baba, it is purely a concocted story by a Christian that just open English Quran and misinterpreted the chapters and verses for selfish interest. The most funny aspect the same story as been ascribed to so many Alfas, Imams, Aljias all in an attempt looking for gullible and less informed Muslims they can confuse more and invariably win to their perverted doctrines that was never practiced by Jesus Christ our revered Anabi Iissah (Asw)

  7. Honestly my brother,u weren’t a Muslim imam before or u are not learned enough. U are quoting chapter vs chapter. U are the master of ur opinion. Who cares.

  8. Those of you going against him to protect your religion, make your research and confirm if those quotations are right or wrong.

    1. Thank Allah that Christians can now read Quran even though most of them are doing it for mischievous reasons and this is one such misadventure, if not I wonder how an imam will suddenly come to see that Anabi issah (Jesus Christ) will be coming back again which is one of the basic tenets of Islam. Islam remain the religion of all the profects of God, Jesus inclusive which means peace and total submission to Allah. All profects of God preach this and conduct doctrine in an Islamic manner check this in Nehemiah 8 vs 1-6. The doctrine is not deniable as the Bible attest to this.
      Can any of the uncountable Christian Denominations of today tell us the doctrine practised by Jesus when here on earth?
      It is not enough to cook a concocted story like this with evil intent to mislead gullible less informed Islamic faithful or on vain glory to your faith rather study The Quran with intent to understand Islam; you will surely appreciate Allah for his benevolent and merciful.

  9. The man stated his factual reasons why he abandoned Islam and embraced christianity. He used knowledge and wisdom to make his decision to embrace christianity. If you are against him, the right thing is to disprove his points/facts, puncture his stated reasons one by one. That is how to show wisdom and enlighten others as he has done. I will advise anyone who is opposed to the step he has taken to consider his stated reasons without any sentiment and take the right path. Hell is real. If you by sentiment choose the wrong path, the truth, and choose lies, you will find yourself in hell fire instead of heaven. Jesus is the way the way, the truth and the life. Choose Him.

    1. I will like all to check the page God’ s religion on Facebook. Christian is a nickname given by people passing @ the time Paul started the Religion.Act11;25-26. Paul, and the 4 Gospel writers didn’t know Jesus but gagged the blood Brothers of Jesus to write false testimony which they called old and new testament. Jesus was instructed by God to give “the good news” ie Gospel. Which is all about the coming Saviour. There is no place where Jesus opened His mouth and say I’m Saviour. Even when the Israelites were expecting Saviour. The Arabs were warshiping idols and was not expecting Saviour when Mohammed came and told them how he will save those who believe on judgement day. He said Jesus will come before the judgement day to confirm about Him. And he is the only Prophet that said no prophet will come after me, I’m the final prophet. Christians will regret when Jesus comes Mat 7:21-23. I will write more about Paul and his fraudulent book which he called Bible and the satanic building which he called Church which is the adaptation of Roman gods that they claimed were born on 25 Dec. The doctrine of sons of God.

  10. That story is not real and the man they are talking about is not imam but a Christian missionary and please you people should think about the revercotion when blasphemy against Islam and no matter anyhow you goes you can not Fall Islam, since the year 1989 that the Nigerian (CAN) go begged America to come help them to clear Islam out of Nigeria,did they be able to pinch Islam?

    1. My brother be it true or false the writer is saying but I want you to correct yourself on these nobody Invite the American to bring Christianity to Nigeria if you look down to Nigeria history Nigeria is into Traditional stuff and where was Islam when twins are been killed base on believe that they are evil so nothing like Christianity or Islam religion In Nigeria these two religion are brought to Nigeria and all other African countries so don’t judge anyone just do the right thing and don’t believe In what you are told but believe in him who Created you and keeps his laws in doing what is right and be faithful to him so you can see him when you finally grow old and die…

  11. Even if the write did as you corrected, you will still find fault with him, and that’s the problem . It is d problem because even the errors you pointed out in his write-up are inconsequential.

  12. It’s only a fool that doubt proofs, this man has tasted both side now that he has known the truth and decided to follow the truth. He even give references from both Quaran and the Bible so he knows what he is saying. God bless you for your decision. God will continue to unvail Himself to you as you draw closer to him. Once again welcome onboard 🤝🤝🤝

  13. Let everyone practices what he beloved. We should avoid any argument about whether someone is in darkness or light. The truth will prevail in the hereafter when those on the wrong paths will regret. The lmam who changed to Christianity has a very narrow knowledge of lslam. Let him rethink otherwise l am very sorry for him.

    1. Is he lying? Are the facts stated by the convert not so in your own Quran? Disprove it or keep quiet and look into it again. Don’t wait till the hereafter before you admit the Truth, it would be too late then.

  14. Chapter and verses are not the center of discussion here. I have been reading all your comments and not even one person among you had raised any point to counter those facts presented by the writer. I believe that, if you have really studied the Quran, you too
    had come across those eternal and life saving truths. Truth is truth and you can do nothing against the truth but for the truth. Be honest and courageous enough to accept the truth just as the writer did. You too can do it. Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior today.

  15. This post is nothing but a concocted,fabricated write-up. Who’s the writer? Name and location? Islam is the fastest growing religion in the World.
    “When Comes the Help of Allah and His Victory, you see People entering the Religion in crowds. Celebrate the Praises of thy Lord and ask for His Forgiveness as He’s Oft-Returning in Forgiveness”Qur’an Chapter 110: verses1-3
    The multitudes converting from Christianity to Islam are all well known from VIPs, celebrities, sport Men and Women, namely Neil Armstrong the 1st Man in the Moon, professor Gary Miller, Joshua Evans,Shaykh Bilal Philips,Khalid Yasin,Yusuf Estes, Muhammad Ali etc too numerous to mention. Google any of these names to confirm.
    The writer only exposed his lack of knowledge of Islam.

    1. But all these men you’ve mentioned are brutal people with vulger words like Mohammed eg Mike Tyson, Mohammed Ali etc and Jesus they left is a calm and jentle man….so judge for yourself

  16. I love the holy spirit. Islam and christianity is closely related given that their roots is in Abraham and his wife and a concubine. Islam came out from the concubine Hagar and this was against the laws of God that’s why at last she was burnished from home and sent to the hilly country of the middle East. That’s the reason why we have Arab nations situated majorly in the middle East.
    However Sarah the true wife gave birth to Isaac the spirited son who became the sustainer of christianity.
    Abraham was blessed because of his faith in God.
    When Hagar was chased she lost the ways of Yahweh and started following her own. Since she helped in founding islam, islam lost the way too.
    Let me tell people will meet Jesus in two ways; you will meet him as your Lord and personal Saviour or your judge. Repent now and meet him as your saviour.
    Jesus christ is the risen Lord.

  17. An assignment to all Muslim . Go to yr Qu’uran and read more , study about Prophed Muhammed and learn his words. Bcouse He clearly stated that “those that practice Islam , have already lossed like a sheep with out a Shepherd in the garden .

  18. My sister in Christ,You are gloriously welcome into the THRONE OF MERCY .The Bible confirmed that Ye. Shall know the truth and the truth shall set you FREE.CONGRATULATION AND WELCOME INTO THE KINGDOM OF LIGHT.DONT LOOK BACK.JESUS IS COMING SOON.

  19. Islamic religion will never embrace Christlikeness in any way because Jesus is the Truth and Islam embrace lies to spread and to thrive

  20. So, if Jusus, is a good servant of God, why kill Christians? I also know that the miracles and wonders that Jesus performed is written in Quran, how many miracles did Mohammed perform? If you believe that God is greater than Jesus, why kill unbelievers for God? God can destroy whosoever if He wants, so stop killing those who do not believe in Mohammed, they are not idole worshipers. Take time like the Muslim that converted and study your Quran very well and ask your God about the truth…He will show you.

  21. Let them talk about theSex that Mohammed had with womens around him and the words of war that we all sees today

  22. Do you really want us to beleive that you are the true followers of Jesus? How come you don’t read the Bible on your mosques? Stop deceiving yourselves man! Accept Jesus today and you will be free from these lies!

  23. 1998 son of Iman from Kano ran away to Mubi because he gave his life to Jesus after Jesus appeared to him 3 times, his mother encouraged him to ran away to avoid being killed, she said to him, ” my son you have found the way but our religion have forbidden us not to follow. He told us that every educated Imman knows that Christianity is the true way but it is religiously unacceptable. He said why is very difficult to convert a moselem is because of what they give to their children to drink.
    To me Christianity is the WAY not a religion. Religion is what people do to find God, but Christianity is what God did to find man. Mohammed talked good of Christian’s than his own followers in the Quran.

  24. May Almighty God lead other Muslims to see the light that he saw. He mentioned the chapter and the verses correctly. If someone said Qur’an 3:9, it means suratul Maryam now. The holy spirit will reveal greater to them that seek him. Praise the Lord!!

  25. Truely Usman , many are become Muslim but in what way do they converted, it has always bin through jihad of killing , forcing ppl to accept Islam or be killed , Islam took over all their dominant countries today through war/killing , example of one the is turkey, Syria which were predominantly christian nation before Islam jihadist invaded them killed as many that refused to converted to Muslim.
    Usman, that is what is happening now all over the world, Somalia to Sudan ,the ISIS even northan Nigeria forcing ppl to be Islam and killing those that rejected Islam. That’s what you called growing religion? By killing/forcing? . Muslim celebrate that in their mosque and inside their room but pretend outside by condemning it.
    Forget about error of sura it could be typographical error, talk about the verses highlighted by the imam proof that they are wrong, of course they are Right, those are exactly what Quran says .
    Read and Meditates about it JESUS IS WAY, THE TRUTH AND LIFE…… , I was at your end before, Then I found the Truth
    God will open your eyes just as He Open Mines Years Back in Jesus Name

  26. But if Quran is atrue book why you Muslims hide most of the words is it not a word of God ?the man has risked and gave us the surahs but you still comment

  27. Missionary Stunts! Merely s made-up story based on misinterpreted verses of the Glorious Qur’an.
    Where is the Muslim Imam?

  28. The writer couldn’t do his research properly. He has produced vagued evidences of materials in the Quran which do not match his views

  29. I am a Christian, but if you love a man who you believe is going towards destruction, you will not threaten him, but SHOW him the Way.

    I pray that the Spirit of God open your eyes to the Truth, so that your salvation through Jesus Christ is assured.

  30. Sometimes I get to wondering why people see truth yet still try to defend lies, my question is, is it true the Quran says those things.

    If the writer is not speaking the truth please prove him wrong by countering his claims with your own quotations, that’s the way to argue

    I personally want to see some Muslim brothers proving him wrong

  31. Lol.. you pple will just pick up topic and started writing in rubbish.. let me tell you one fact.. every Muslim belief Jesus is coming back, but not in the sense you xtian are claiming.. he is not worthy of an Imam, if he doesn’t know that before.. it means he knows nothing about Islam before.

    1. @Fadahero I realise Muslims have been taught that Moses prophesied the coming of Muhammed, but this is deceit. Moses could not have prophesied about Muhammed and skip Jesus, who came centuries before Mohammed. As a matter of fact, believing he was talking about Mohammed is confusing, because you believe both are prophets, so are you saying one of them is not a prophet? Our God is not an author of confusion.

      That same Moses said in Deuteronomy 18:20 “But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in My name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die.’”, and Mohammed spoke presumably in the name of God, only for him to recant later, that he thought that God gave him the words. By this he disqualified himself to be a true prophet.

      In several other places, the Lord Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit, but I wonder how you could easily misinform God seekers that Mohammed is the Holy Spirit, he was human now, flesh and blood. Jesus instructed them to wait for the Promised Holy Spirit, and indeed, the Holy Spirit came at the upper room at Pentecost, and he descended upon them like fire, dividing upon each of them as cloven tongues.

      I pray that every Muslim, every sincere seeker of God, reading this piece shall receive understanding, God removing the veil of the devil from their eyes in Jesus’s name.

  32. Truth is always bitter; Only those who desire it at all cost profit therein. One can hide anything as long as he wishes, but not the truth. If the Qur’an indicates that Jesus is coming again and any genuine Muslim agrees with that, then same true Muslim should ask himself: what is he coming to do and how can I prepare myself to profit from his 2nd coming? This’s an opportunity for any morally-sound Muslim to accept and confess Christ b/4 that D-Day. A stubborn fly always ends it’s life in the grave with the dead body. The Prophet was sincere enough to have declared that ISLAM is visionless, hence, he does not know the bearing of his destination, or salvation, see Surah 46: 9, compared to John 14: 6.

  33. Mr Gbolahan, Gal 4: 4-5 Says Jesus as a Son was born by a woman and trained/ tutored in the law (Torah)
    This you can confirm in Luke 2:46-52
    First you’ll be amazed with the consistency of the scriptures, one chapter confirming another. Not at disjointed and you don’t need to be a professor to understand the Word of God. You’ll find it not confusing.
    Secondly,there’s no anything Islamic in the day of Jesus to begin with, as there’s 5 centuries between them. How Jesus can be a Muslim is only imaginable to the dullest of minds… continuing in that argument further exposes Islam as a fraud. However, Jesus loves all men equally and died for all regardless of religion

  34. If as claimed by this writer, the quran lead their imam to christianity due to their misinterpritations of their quoted verses, i challenge you all to tell us what your bible predicted about the coming or no coming of our islamic era or of our dear Prophet.

    what i am sure of is, unlike the holy qurian, your bible is a conpilation of both the words of Allah (Almighty God) and those of your Saints.

    lets analyse it like this:
    if i start to explain the many inconsistences in your bibles that really lead to the many versions of bible you carry about today, you will judge me not being understadable of your book. I have done it severally such that what am quoting from d King James version not in New Revised Standard version bible and so on. It is this holy Quran that taught us that Allah is One and His Revelation is unique, consistence and unchageable. We cant revise Qurian, and all d quotes you found confusing to you are rather consistence and incontrovertable as being devine: Allah is the Creator of the universes and all their contents, He guided us to do good by sending His Prophets including our beloved Jesus(as) and Muhammad (saw), to Him is our return i.e our affairs with Him (qurian 46:9).

    secondly, if not that some Nigerian christians are bigots so blind to glaring truth, ao come Qurian has detail description of your existence and d people before you from d time of Adam, and what holds for the future of this earth, but your bible doesnt capture d completion of His message by sending Muhammad (saw). Then, when our dear prophet was raised it caught you unaware such that you resulted to libel, slander and perjury as though you are playing politics with ur Creator. If your book is really complete, u should be quoting all your points in favour or against Islam from it. Your opinion in a matter of devinity is scandalous.

    Muhammad is our role model, he taught us to marry, and procreate and was a good example, a man can marry up to 4 wives while he (saw) could marry as many as he wished. He was a husband, a father and a nobel leader, either u like it or not. Many of those family life lessons are learned from us by u christians. Muhammad disapproved celibacy, gay and all other vices that u christians stand for openly and secretly today.

  35. The man don’t know what is doing there is no were in the qurian that said Jesus is coming back no we’re in the qurian is not true

  36. can you defend your claims?, that an Imam lack knowledge?,you are just trying to shy away from the truth. Better go back and read those chapters and verses he mentioned in English version in case you don’t understand the Arabic version. so you can start now to amend your way if you ever wish for eternal life in Heaven.

  37. I said my hands are clean on Truth well tigted
    And my legs are pierced, still on still,I gar no claim on judgment, but always and will always belong to the light and the truth
    best known to me thanks brethrens.

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