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Mom Captures Her Babysitter on Camera and Can’t Help Crying

Mom Captures Her Babysitter on Camera and Can’t Help Crying

Wow! This teenage babysitter could star in the next Disney movie because of her angelic voice. When the woman she worked for heard her singing to their daughter, she recorded the shy eighteen-year-old and caught the magic on camera.

Nicki Maher had been mesmerized by her babysitter’s voice for a while and decided to record her in secret. The youngster was not confident in her singing talents, but Maher believed in her.

The Somerset, Massachusetts native was moved to tears by Delaney Wilson’s version of “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid.” Wilson never realized how amazing her voice was—until now.


In the video, Wilson is seen singing while playing with Maher’s daughter. The two of them were clearly in their own world and did not see Maher recording them. Maher can be heard whispering: “This is our babysitter …”

Maher then added some context to the story by explaining why her babysitter did not share her amazing talent. She explained that Wilson would never release a video of herself singing because of her insecurities.


Later, Maher showed her the secret clip and asked permission to post it online. Wilson reluctantly said yes. The video instantly went viral on TikTok. Viewers around the world complimented her amazing vocal range and ability.

Commentators were quick to point out that Wilson sounded like a real-life Disney Princess. Most of the online community could not believe she was insecure and encouraged her to release more music and videos.


Despite being accepted into Berklee College of Music, Wilson told Fox News that she was insecure about her appearance because she had received “many negative comments” in 2020.

This self-doubt held her back from sharing more of herself online. Thanks to Maher, she could see how special her voice was by the overwhelming response from people worldwide.


The online community lauded Wilson and told her that she was truly talented. Maher expressed that this experience allowed her babysitter to see herself from a new perspective.

Online commentators shared that the clip made them cry, while one user added:

“She is amazing and beautiful. I hope she overcomes her fears and puts herself out there.”


Social media has the power to break down and build up. In Wilson’s case, the good side of the online world was clear to see. Not only did the viral video increase her self-worth, but it also opened up a few great opportunities for her.

Wilson shared with Fox News that since the clip was posted, she has been contacted by influential people who were kind enough to offer her a few “amazing opportunities.” Social media must be harnessed for more positivity and kindness in the future.

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