Men Are Wicked! How My husband brought home his 8 months pregnant side chic when I was heavily pregnant – Woman Cry Out

A woman simply known as Nyakio, has narrated how her husband brought his 8 months pregnant side chick to the family house, while she was also 7-month pregnant.

The mother of three said her husband coerced her to cook for the side chick and subsequently ordered her to leave his house the next day.

According to her, she was born and raised in Embu by her single mother but later her mother got married and carried her to their new home. Her parents didn’t have money so she could only school up to class 7.

She said while she was in class 7, she was sent home to collect geometrical set since her parents did not have enough money to send her to a nearby shop to borrow it but the shopkeeper told her to enter inside to give her geometrical set but in exchange she should do him a favor.

She explained that this was how she gave birth to her first child as the shopkeeper slept with her.
Nyakio noted how she later got married to a man in Nyeri who she had a good relationship with at first, but subsequently, he started mistreating her and physically abusing her.

After that occurrence, she decided to go back home and she walked through her pregnancy period all by herself.After giving birth, her husband and his mother apologized and with a promise to change, asked her to return with them.

When she returned, her husband still physically assaulted her even while she was pregnant with another child.

Nyakio finally recounted the experience of her 7 months pregnancy, when her husband came home with a lady who was 8 months pregnant.

Having regarded the woman as a visitor, she cooked for them but after asking her husband who the lady was, he told her she was his new wife and that Nyakio should “Leave the house the next day” and he threatened to harm her if she didn’t leave.

According to Nyakio, she decided to go back home finally, her family accepted her and advised her not to abort the child; which she wanted to do.

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