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Meet Pedro Rodrigues, The Serial Killer That Only Murdered Criminals


Serial killers are known for killing innocent people, but there is one serial killer who killed only people that have committed crimes. This is the story of Pedro Rodrigues Filho, the serial killer who only killed other criminals.

Pedro was born in the year 1954, in Mina’s Gerais, Brazil. Pedro was born with his skull injured, this was because his Mother suffered domestic violence while she was pregnant with him.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho is described sometimes as a nice serial killer. He had killed up to 70 people throughout his life, he killed 10 people before he clocked the age of 18. 

Pedro’s victims were not ordinary random people on the street, he killed those people that had wronged him or his family members and other criminals. 

Pedro started killing when he was just 14 years old, his first victim was the vice mayor of his town. The reason why Pedro killed the Man was because, the Mayor had sacked His father from work, he was sacked because he stole food from the school. Rodriguez took a shotgun, and he murdered the mayor right in front of the city hall.

The second person Pedro killed was a guard, he was actually the real person that stole the food Pedro’s father was accused sacked for.

After committing series of crimes, Pedro ran to Brazil and continued his crimes. Pedro murdered a drug dealer while in Brazil, he also turned to armed robbery. While Pedro was in Brazil, he fell inlove with a woman named Maria Aparecida Olympia, unfortunately she was murdered by a gang. 

The death of Olympia caused Pedro to carry out his next murder. He tried his best to fish out the members of the gang that killed Olympia, he killed so many of those related to her death. 

After that Pedro murdered his own Father, the same Man whom he committed his first murder for.

The reason why Pedro killed his own Father was because his Father had murdered his Mother. He killed her and was sentenced to jail for his crime, it was in jail that Pedro had visited and stabbed his Father 22 times until he died. 

After so many years of murder, Pedro was arrested on May 24, 1973. Pedro was kept in a Police car alongside two other criminals, one of the criminals was a rapist. Before the police could get to their destination, Pedro had murdered him in the car.

People thought Pedro would change and stop killing when he was sent to prison, but that was not the case. Pedro was surrounded by different criminals and he did what he knew how to do best. 

Pedro killed 47 prisoners, many of them were murderers, he killed those he felt deserved to die. During his interview, Pedro explained that he felt alot of joy whenever he killed other criminals.

Pedro was first sentenced to 128 years in prison, but due to the murders he committed in Prison, his sentenced was increased to 400 years. 

Pedro later had to serve 42 years due to the crimes he committed in Prison. In the year 2008, Pedro was released from Prison.

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