Man Reveals why he Cheats on His Wife Despite The Fact She Lifted Him When He Was Poor

A Nigerian man has shocked social media users with his revelation of being a cheat despite having a supportive wife.

The man known on Twitter as @NaijaWatch revealed that when he was poor and hustling, she believed in him and helped him to become what he is today.

However, not minding how he has a rare wife, he noted that he still keeps side chics.

His post was in reaction to a Nigerian lady’s story of how she left her fiancé in Finland to pursue a PhD in Canada

The lady had disclosed that she and her lover were both cleaners in Finland, but after getting a scholarship to do her PhD in Canada, she left him behind.

Reacting to her post, @NaijaWatch was full of thanks that his wife did not have the same mindset else he would not have gotten the support that uplifted him.

He added that he always tells his side chics that no matter what happens, he can never leave his wife

Thank God my Mrs did not have this kind of mindset. I was broke, had nothing and she still believed in me and she lifted me. And this is why I tell my side chicks “no matter how e sweet reach, I can never leave my wife”, he wrote.

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