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“Let kids be kids” – Twitter user expresses displeasure after spotting woman taking her children to school by 5:30am

Twitter user identified by his handle as @MichaeLAisabok1 has expressed disapproval after spotting a woman taking her kids to school as earlier as 5:30am.

The netizen who pictured the lady and her children standing while waiting for a means of mobility lamented over the adverse effect this habit may cause in the lives of the kids who at this age shouldn’t be placed under such stress.

According to him, this could go a long way in preventing them from concentrating in class owing to the fact that they are still exhausted due to less hours of sleep.

In his words:

“It’s 5:30am and this little kids Don start their day also. Tell me how dem no go dey Jonce for inside classroom. Let Kids be kid.”

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