Kims Convenience Season 6 Release Date: Really Cancelled or Renewed?

Kims Convenience Season 6 is a Canadian comedy series developed by Ins Choi and Kevin White about Mr. and Mrs. Kim, who relocated to the Great White North from South Korea in hopes of a better future. The show seeks to go deeper into the difficulties while concentrating on the couple’s and their children’s life. It also digs into the generational conflicts that immigrant families endure as a result of major cultural and value divides. The show manages to be highly fun while introducing viewers to such a serious issue.

The show has gained a considerable following base since its October 2016 launch on CBC Television. Critics lauded the series for its engaging tale and brilliant blend of humor and social critique. It was also known for portraying complicated immigrant issues in a fun manner. Many audiences have become friends with the titular Kim family and their Toronto convenience shop. Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Jean Yoon, Andrea Bang, and Simu Liu are all consistently impressive. Despite being extended for a sixth season in early 2020, the show was terminated after five seasons. You’re naturally intrigued about the reasons for its cancellation.

Season 6 of Kim’s Convenience will not be created, but why was the show canceled? Let’s settle the show’s fate now that Season 5 is accessible on Netflix. Kim’s Convenience, like all good things, must inevitably come to an end. Some folks found it on Netflix, and the last season is now available. As viewers speed through it, the feeling is bittersweet. Why was Season 6 of Kim’s Convenience canceled?

Why was Season 6 of Kim’s Convenience canceled?

Season 5 of ‘Kim’s Convenience’ premiered on Netflix on June 2, 2021. The fifth season is made up of thirteen episodes, each lasting about 22-23 minutes. On January 19, 2021, Season 5 premiered on its native network CBC. It ended on April 13, 2021, before it debuted on the streaming giant.

The abrupt discontinuation of the sitcom after a successful five-season run in which the series grew in popularity and influence raises a slew of problems. The fans’ outrage may be summed up in two words: what happened? The answer is actually fairly straightforward. Ins Choi and Kevin White, the show’s co-creators, have opted to leave to explore other projects. As a result, they would no longer be a part of the show. As a result, the producers anticipated that the departure of the pair would result in a lower-quality sixth season. In March 2021, the devastating news was disclosed.

The news was a death blow for ‘Kim’s Convenience,’ which terminated unexpectedly. Because the series is greatly influenced by Choi’s childhood experiences in Toronto. The producers were unable to locate a substitute who could bring the show’s narrative to life. Despite the limits and difficulty of filming during the epidemic, Season 5 was the best season yet. “It’s been a privilege and a great pleasure to work with the Kim family of outstanding authors and actors over the last five years.” Thank you to everyone who has shown their love and support for our show. As a result, the series concludes with Season 5 Episode 13, titled ‘Friends and Family.’ Is there any potential of a sixth season in the future? We’ve got you covered there, too!

What is the plot of Kim’s Convenience Season 6?

Ins Choi’s stage play of the same name, which he wrote after growing up in Toronto’s Korean Canadian community and working in a convenience shop, inspired Kim’s Convenience. The CBC version debuted in 2016, with showrunners Ins Choi and Kevin White. Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (“Appa”) and Jean Yoon (“Umma”) from the theatre were cast as their son, Jung, and Andrea Bang as their daughter, Janet, in the TV show.
This film follows the exploits of a Korean-Canadian family who owns and operates a convenience store. The heartwarming and humorous story of The Kims, a Korean-Canadian family who owns a convenience shop in downtown Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Kim (‘Appa’ and ‘Umma’) moved to Toronto in the 1980s to start a business near Regent Park, where they raised their two children, Jung and Janet, who are now adults. Jung and Appa had a significant falling out when he was 16, which included a physical fight, stolen money, and Jung leaving home. The father and son have been alienated since then.

The Movie Review

Kim’s Convenience has a TV-14 rating, which means it contains some content that many parents would consider inappropriate for children under the age of 14. Parents are strongly recommended to monitor this program with more vigilance, and children under the age of 14 should not be left unattended. This program may include very suggestive speech, extremely crude language, violent sexual situations, or intense violence.
Fans’ Reactions to the Cancellation

Fans of Kim’s Convenience are still optimistic that Netflix would bring the show back after it was canceled. Here’s why, alas, it won’t happen. Fans of Kim’s Convenience who were upset by the show’s termination are begging Netflix to preserve Kim’s Convenience Season 6, but the show’s destiny is out of Netflix’s hands. Simu Liu, the show’s star, recently opened out about the show’s joys and difficulties, as well as why neither CBC nor Netflix can make Kim’s Convenience Season 6 a reality.


Though network decisions to terminate TV shows are typically based on diminishing ratings, Kim’s Convenience’s demise had nothing to do with a lack of popularity. It was a rating triumph, and with Liu scheduled to star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings later this year, interest in Kim’s Convenience is bound to grow.

The conclusion of Kim’s Convenience has caused considerable discord between the cast, who were anxious to make Kim’s Convenience Season 6 a reality, and the producers, who have hampered such efforts. According to the Calgary Herald, Choi “ghosted” Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who ceased talking to him totally, and the show “died from within.” Liu, who has been public about his displeasure with Kim’s Convenience’s early cancellation, noted in a Facebook post that the cast members, many of whom are trained screenwriters, had lobbied for a voice in the writer’s room even before the show was canceled, but had been consistently turned down.

This was especially aggravating given that the cast consisted of Asian Canadian performers, while the production team was “overwhelmingly white” (with the exception of Choi). While it’s terrible that Kim’s Convenience ended on such a negative note, the actors may be better off leaving it behind and moving on to new ventures at this time.

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