Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 : Release Date And Confirmation on Netflix!

Julie and the Phantoms is a Dan Cross and David Hoge-created American musical comedy-drama streaming television series that premiered on Netflix on September 10, 2020. The series is based on Julie e os Fantasmas, a Brazilian television show.  After one season, the show was terminated in December 2021.

Julie and the Phantoms, for those unfamiliar, was a Netflix Original series that initially aired in September of 2020. Although Kenny Ortega was the big name linked to the project, Dan Cross and David Hodge devised the nine-episode first season of the show.

There was practically little talk about the show in 2021, other clues that something was going on behind the scenes. There have been speculations that the cast’s options have been extended, although these are generally unfounded. There were also plans for a world tour early on, but it’s probable that they’ve all been shelved now as well.

Although the show didn’t have much traction when it first debuted on Netflix (it only lasted around ten days in most Netflix regions’ top tens), it found its true home on YouTube.

The views on some YouTube videos range from 13 million to 44 million.

The show was, of course, canceled in December 2021.

Why isn’t there a Julie and the Phantoms season 2?

Julie and the Phantoms is canceled by Netflix after one season

The streaming service has decided not to extend the musical dramedy for a second season after a long period of uncertainty. Kenny Ortega, the series’ executive producer, and director confirmed the news on Instagram on Saturday, thanking fans for their support.

How many seasons of Julie and the Phantoms are there?

There is only one season

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