“It All Started In Secondary School And It’s Ending At The Alter”, Man Pours Out Excitement (Photos)

True love is a strong and lasting affection between two spouses or lovers who are in a passionate, fulfilling and happy relationship. While most people are lucky to find true love, others are going through series of relationships, heartbreaks, pains etc.

While most people have lost their lives you in the search for true and genuine love, others are still going through emotional pains they find so hard to recover from.

A Facebook user by name Apollos is one of the lucky ones who met their true love and soul mate at an early age. According to him, their love story started way back during their secondary school days. Isn’t it awesome how they’ve been able to keep aside their differences and flaws aside and let love lead. The young man flooded social media today with their pre wedding photos and wedding card to not just show his excitement, but encourage other young lovers and also invite everyone to his marriage that’s coming up by February.

Below is the post and pictures he posted

Congratulations to them

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