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I’m So Pained: I Need Deliverance, I Owe Loan Apps Over N500k – Man Cries Laments

The man said he needs deliverance after borrowing money from more than 10 different loan apps.

A Nigerian man indebted to different loan apps to the tune of N500,000 has cried out for help.

The  man said he needs deliverance after borrowing money from more than 10 different loan apps.

He shared his story below: 

I just need someone to scold me badly, maybe it will help me get sense.

Seriously I can’t just believe at my age I still do the things I do.

Right now I am in deep hole of debts from these loan apps. Can you imagine someone taking loans from more than 10 apps? Yes that someone is me.

Presently if I should add up all the loans it will be close or more than 500k. The annoying thing is this is like 3yrs now I have been struggling with these apps.

I once was able to clear all the loans but like a dog going back to it’s vomit, I still went back to them (I seriously need delivarence).

Why I’m so ashamed of myself is because I didn’t take these loans mostly because I don’t have a good source of income but because I don’t know how to save and I am very extravagantly wasteful. I loving feeling rich, I can buy beer and flex anyone those I know and those I don’t.

Thought getting married will help but for where like I got worst after that.

I seriously don’t know how to come out of this mess I dragged myself into. Because these loan apps will only give you 7days loan with very high interest. I have been servicing these loans throughout last year and I don’t want to continue this year.

I have already spent more than 200k this month alone on interest alone because I have to borrow again to be able to pay others.

I’m owing the following apps:

1. Fastmoney 70k

2. Imoney 50k

3. Gocash 38k

4. GG 40k

5. Palm credit 70k and counting this is long over due.

6. Kuda 50k

7. Next credit 21k

8. Mint loan 35k

9. 9jacash 12k

10. Add money 9k

11. Ncash 9k

12. Ducredit 70k

13. Ajeloan 15k

14. Easy Naira 12k.

15. Cashsea 26k

I’m even scared to add the total but this my current reality. Virtually all are 7days loan.

I don’t know how a sane human being can get to this stage, I don’t want to attribute anything to anyone or some village people. This is my owing making, and I have been living with this burden for long. I was hoping to get a job that will pay me like 500k at once but none for now.

I dont even know what next to do. I have alot of other responsibilities to cater for.

I don’t even have friends or relatives I can run to. I am writing this because I deserve all the insults in the whole world. I deserve to the stoned. Though I will never take my life because of this, God forbid but I can’t grow with these on my neck and it’s really weighing me down.

I can’t remember when last I genuinely smiled or laughed.

I’m determined to find a way to over come this problem. That’s why I’m here.

I know you guys will come for my head but I’m already in this shot so I will accept any insult. But please if someone can say something to help me a little I will appreciate.

I’m not breathing fine but I’m currently harvesting what I planted.

Wish I can get a counselor or therapist who can help me because I’m scared that even if I suffer and clear these I might not learn my lesson because it has happened before.

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