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I Woke Up in The Morning And Found This At The Front Of My Door- Lady Laments

A lot of people in many societies think of witchcraft as the use of magic or supernatural powers, most often to hurt people. [1] [2] A practitioner is a witch. In medieval and early modern Europe, where the word “witchcraft” came from, the people who were suspected of witchcraft were usually women who were accused of attacking their own residents. Witchcraft was thought to be morally wrong, and it was also believed to have contact with evil people. It was assumed witchcraft could be hindered by shielded magic or counter-magic, which could be offered by cunning folk or folk healers.

However a Lady posted on her twitter account explaining the Devasting thing she saw at the front of her door in the morning. she posted a photo of a chicken that she found at her door early in the morning. The chicken had a white piece of paper and a snuff on its back, and she suspected it was witchcraft.She said that she tried to chase the chicken away but it was not moving. It had been standing in the same position for a while.

See the photo below:

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