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I Woke In Morning And Found A Coffin Under My Bed With A Dead Body My Friend Introduced Me To Devil- Man Laments (Video)

A man Named Jeff karanja has narrated how his former schoolmate friend who introduced him to devil to gain wealth but it all ended in tears.

According to him is that he met this old high school friend in town and when he recognized him they talked and he gave Jeff some money and a business card and promise him to give him a job.

He claims that when he met him it was on a Thursday and on Saturday he called him and on and they met on a certain hotel and that when he introduced Jeff to his friends who did some rituals to him not knowing he was introducing him to devil.

Jeff says that he was given a task to be cooking two eggs every morning at 6am sharp and to do some sign and not eat them and after doing that they would mysterious vanished the way they came.

On this particular morning Jeff forgot to wake up at 6am sharp and was late with 10minutes and that when strange things started happening in his house.

He says that when he came back in the evening things started moving themeslves from one place to another and could hear sounds of baby crying he was very confused and went to bed.

Jeff claims that as he was sleeping he heard like horror sounds coming from under his bed and upon looking he found a coffin with a dead body inside,when he tried to ran away the doors refused to open and was stuck inside.

He claims that he called his pastor who came and prayed outside his door and the door opened and the coffin disappeared,he went through deliverance and now he is a free man.

He has urged people to know their friends well before accepting to do anything they ask you to do to gain money.

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  1. Mmmmmmm too bad, thank God for your deliverance, indeed we need to be careful with our friends because the devil is looking for someone to go to hell with.

  2. Hmmmm , stop nonsense advise if you did not late 10 minutes you will in money now ,you will be donating money for churches in the name of God . You need to seek more forgiveness from God because you are a lair

  3. Some body need to be extra careful, you seeing this message is for a reason and everything that happen, happen for a reason. Specially mind where you go and who you move with because some of them you call friends are mean and terrible, I for one don’t keep friends, I don’t even have any because if you have one, you have one problem and if you have ten friends you have ten different problems, my dad told me this and is true.

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