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I Removed My Second Testicle To Kill Sexual Urge – UI 500 Level Medicine Dropout

In a weird article that was posted on Punch Newspaper Facebook page this morning, a young man who felt there is no other way for him to control his sexual urge explained how he managed to remove his testicles.

According to Punch Newspaper, the man’s name was mentioned as Mr. Terhemen Anongo and he was said to e a Forty-four (44) year old man. it was made known that the man dropped out of the University of Ibadan as a 500-level medical student.

Mr. Terhemen explained that he removed his second testicle as a result of his sexual urge torments. He explained to one of the correspondents of Punch Newspaper on a phone call that the issue of sexual urge when a man is still single is more like torment and a battle.

He narrated that his issue of sexual urge torments coupled with his religious beliefs made him decide on removing his second testicle. According to him, he said that he is someone that is deeply involved in religion and that he had read about Origen Adamantius.

Origen Adamantius is one of the early church leaders from Egypt, who paid to be castrated so that he would not be bothered by sexual urge.

According to him, he explained that it was in an attempt to copy the Egyptian man that he removed his right testicle. He explained that there was a heavy flow of blood when he removed it and so he abandoned it (castration) and rushed to the hospital.

With the experience he got from removing his first testicle, he was able to remove the second one without much pain. He revealed that he removed it on Monday and that somebody is always coming to dress it for him.

He also made it known that he’s fine, that there is no problem, and that he’s only waiting for when the wound will be healed so that he can remove the stitches.

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