I Gave You Everything! Man Caught His Girlfriend Who Lied To Him That She Is Not Going Out But Went Out With Another Man (video)

A young man got filled with rage when he caught his girlfriend on a date with another guy despite telling him that she won’t be able to go out on Valentine’s Day.

A viral video shows the moment he confronted her at a mall and gave her slaps in the presence of onlookers.

She tried kneeling down a couple of times while begging and a man pleaded for him to calm down but the pleas fell on deaf ears as he continued venting.
He ended up sitting on the floor with mixed emotions flooding his system. People tried to console the young man as he stayed on the floor with his head bent.

A Twitter user shared the clip and captioned; ”She lie to her boyfriend that she is not going out, but she end up going out with another man, and her boyfriend caught her. Now breakup don open door for her to enter 😂😂😂😂..”

Watch Video below:

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